The Bubble is a 2006 gay movie about two men from Israel and Palestine who fall in love. Noam is an Israeli reservist working at a checkpoint. While on duty one day he eyes a Palestinian named Ashraf. Noam returns to his apartment in Tel Aviv which he shares with another gay man, Yali and a girl, Lulu. Ashraf comes to their apartment to give Noam his passport which fell down at the checkpoint. They fall in love and spend the night together. They agree for Ashraf to move in with them disguised as a Jew under the name Shimi and work at Yali's restaurant. He is however recognized by Lulu's former boyfriend and flees back to his family in Nablus. Noam is devastated by Ashraf's absence and refuses to leave his bed. When violence breaks out in Nablus, Noam and Lulu go looking for Ashraf disguised as journalists. They find him and the two men kiss again but they are seen by Jihad who is about to marry Ashraf's sister. Jihad is a Hamas militant and insists Ashraf marry his cousin of else reveal his homosexuality. Jihad plots a bombing in Tel Aviv and Yali is injured never to walk again. When Israel retaliates Ashraf's sister is killed in the bombing. Ashraf goes to Tel Aviv with a suicide belt and while at the cafe he worked Noam sees him. They both go outside and as they kiss on the street Ashraf explodes the belt killing them both.


This is a 2006 gay movie about Jeremy a 33 year old gay man. His parents have no idea that he is a homosexual. Jeremy has two major announcements to make to his family. He just got a major promotion plus he is moving in with his boyfriend Marc. Jeremy's parents have always thought that they are liberal but they do not take in the news very well. They are shocked and the whole house it sent into confusion and conflict.