DTLA is a gay tv series with the initials standing for Downtown Los Angeles which premiered in 2012. The series follows the lives and relationship between seven friends who work and live in downtown Los Angeles. It looks into love, loyalty and true friendship when it comes to gay people. The series includes gay lead characters such as Darryl Stephens who comes as Lenny. Other actors in the series are gay tv characters you got to watch from other episodes such Danny Roberts and Leslie Jordan. The executive producers of this film series are Helene Shaw, Darryl Stephens, Larry Kennar, Andres Palmieri and Mark Erickson.


Buffering is a 2011 gay movie about a gay couple Seb and Aaron. They are both in great debt after spending too much than they could afford with their credit card. A brilliant idea of making extra cash pops into Aaron. He decides to film themselves as they have sex without telling Seb then post the videos online. The idea works and money starts trickling but soon Seb comes to know of it. He however goes along with it after realizing that it is a good means of making money fast. They decide to take their enterprise to another level to make more money and that is where the drama grows bigger.