Eric Hunter is a teenage boy just coming to terms with his sexual orientation in this 1998 gay film. He takes up a summer job serving food at the local amusement park together with best friend Maggie. While at the job they befriend their lesbian manager Angie and a gay college student named Rod. Eric gets his first homosexual experience with Rod. Rod however moves back to Ohio leaving Eric thirsty of a boy lover on his last year in High School. A series of events including problems with financing for him to study music in college introduce Eric to the real world.


This year 2000 movie tells the story of a group of gay friends living in West Hollywood. There is Cole who is very handsome and an actor. Cole however rubs shoulders with the others the wrong way for dating their boyfriends. Benji is the youngest in the group and is going through some tough times. He has a taste for muscular built men. Dennis the photographer is more composed and holds the group together. Howie is a psychology student who too often over thinks on issues thus denying himself happiness. There is also Patrick who always reads self interest in all situations even if they are in good faith. We have Taylor who is feeling very embarrassed after his relationship came to an end despite boasting of having the longest one. Lastly we meet Jack who owns a restaurant and is the father figure whom everybody seeks advice from. Problems start when a 23 year old named Kevin tries to fit himself into the group. It causes chaos in their friendships which are about to be put to test.