J. Edgar is a 2011 film about the personal and professional life of John Edgar Hoover the first director of the Federal Bureau Of Investigations who is rumored to have been a closeted gay man. Edgar was obsessed with order since he was young. He had helped organize the library of congress so that books were easier and quicker to find. He had no particular interest in women and lived with his mother.
While working for the Bureau of Investigations he helped arrest and deport communist radicals in USA. He was appointed director of the BOI at a young age. Edgar had no social life. A graduate from his college named Clyde Tolson shows an interest in the job. Edgar is infatuated with him. He also has no interest in women and is very refined. Edgar appoints him his personal assistant.
Edgar manages to centralize all fingerprints from local authorities through lobbying in congress. He also opens the first laboratory to aid in investigations and evidence. He manages to lobby lawmakers pass a law making kidnapping a federal crime after the Lindbergh kidnapping case. He receives some inspiration from his mother especially about his insecurities around women.
Edgar's relationship with Tolson grows. Edgar makes him his overall assistant director at the FBI. One day Edgar tells Tolson about plans to marry a woman. Tolson is upset. He relationship with Edgar is too close for two men and is seen to be of a homosexual nature. Edgar goes with Tolson almost everywhere even dinner. Their friendship thrives as they grow the FBI into a big and respected organization.
When John Edgar Hoover died on May 2 1972, Clyde Tolson resigned from the FBI soon later and inherited his estate. It is believed that Edgar and Tolson were gay lovers. Their graves are near each other at the congressional cemetery.


The Boys In The Band is a 1970 gay movie revolving around a birthday party in which the lives on several gay men and a straight one unfold. Michael is preparing his apartment to host Harold's birthday party. Several other gay friends are coming for the party. Michael gets a call from a college mate Alan McCarthy who says he will be coming. Michael is worried because Alan is straight and might not relate well to gay men.
Hunk, Larry and Emory arrive. Hunk and Larry are dating. Hunk was closeted and even married to a woman before. Bernard their black gay friend later arrives. He is followed by a paid cowboy named Tex. Alan calls to say he will not be coming. He however shows up as they are dancing flamboyantly. Michael is shocked and angry with Emory who continues to behave and talk very effeminately. Alan sits down drinking some alcohol even though he is shocked by Michael's company.
Alan later decides to leave. Emory however pushes him with his gay talk and they get into a fight. Emory is punched in the face. Harold finds them in the midst of breaking up the fight. Harold is having a crisis over his looks and age. They later cut the cake and open the gifts on the deck. A storm however forces them into the house where Alan is. Alan insists on leaving but Michael restrains him. Alan had seen Hunk with a ring and knows he is married. He is however shocked to learn Hunk is in a gay relationship with Larry after leaving his wife and children.
They play a game to pass the night which involves calling some of the people they really loved. This game opens old wounds for some revealing their sexual relationships past and present. In the game Michael accuses Alan of being a closeted gay man which he vehemently denies. It later becomes too much for most of them and they leave.


Hate Crime is a 2005 gay movie. Trey McCoy and Robert Levinson live together as gay partners in a friendly neighborhood. The two are planning a gay wedding even though they prefer to call it a commitment ceremony.
Chris Boyd moves in next door. He is homophobic and is therefore appalled to see Trey and Robert kissing. One day Chris confronts Robert outside their house telling him how he will go to hell and to read the bible. He also warns Robert to watch his back. Chris is Jerry Boyd's son. Pastor Jerry Boyd founded the West Dell Bible Church in 1982. He expects his son Chris to marry soon but is upset to discover they broke up with the girlfriend.
One day Trey goes to walk the dog at night leaving Robert in the house. He is attacked and left for dead. Robert finds him after the dog returns to the house alone. He is admitted to hospital in critical condition. As Trey lies in a coma police begin investigations. They suspect Chris Boyd who also has an arrest record for vandalizing a gay man's house. He however has a lullaby since his parents confirm he was at their house the whole time.
Trey succumbs to his injuries and dies. His mother Barbara McCoy is torn by grief. Police officers are unable to find enough evidence to prosecute anybody. Robert is frustrated further when police question him as a suspect due to the insurance payoff he is set to receive. Robert breaks into Chris Boyd's house and discovers that he browses gay websites on his computer. Surveillance also reveals he frequents gay sex clubs and shops. His father Pastor Jerry Boyd is given the surveillance photos and confronts Chris about it. He confesses to Chris that he killed Trey to protect his own flesh and blood from homosexuality. Robert is nearby recording the conversation.
Police insist they do not have enough yet to prosecute anybody. Even the recorded confession is denied. Robert and Barbara make a plan to make Pastor Jerry pay for Trey's death. They kidnap him from his office to Robert's house. In the house Barbara shoots Robert with Pastor Jerry's gun then places it with him. Robert is only shot in the abdomen and holds his gun to shoot Jerry. Pastor Jerry tries to pick his gun and shoot Robert but it is empty since Barbara used up the two bullets inside. Robert shoots him dead. Police and paramedics arrive. Robert says Pastor Jerry came to shoot him dead and he shot him dead in self defense. Robert recovers quickly and is discharged.


No Night Is Too Long is a 2002 gay movie. Tim Cornish is a final year student at University of Warwickshire. Tim is especially promiscuous with girls just like any other heterosexual male. One day he however spots a man looking at him. He gets obsessed with the man and one day follows him on the elevator. The man kisses him and goes away. Tim continues to pursue him and meets him in his university office. He is a paleontology lecturer in the same University. His name is Ivo Steadman.
During Christmas Tim feels lonely. His father had died over the year and mother suffered a stroke which left her not mentally sound. However on new year eve Ivo shows up and they end up engaging in sex the whole night. Tim is bisexual.
When school resumes Tim begins spending more time at Ivo's place. They become gay lovers. When the semester nears the end Tim asks Ivo if he can also go to Alaska with him. Ivo goes on summer to Alaska to lecture on cruise ships exploring the region. Ivo refuses but later accepts. Tim visits the library to read books on Alaska. He meets a first year student who they chat and end up sleeping together. He tells Ivo about it and they fight. Tim immediately looses his love for Ivo but they go on their Alaska trip as scheduled.
In Alaska Ivo is forced to go on a 10 day cruise the next day. He leaves Tim alone. Tim falls for a lady named Isabel. Isabel works at an elementary school. Tim falls in love and writes her a love letter. All this time Ivo has been writing without Tim replying. Isabel falls for Tim and they end up having a romantic relationship which includes sex. She however asks him to keep it a secret. Isabel however leaves for Vancouver before Ivo is back to Tim's disappointment.
Ivo comes back and complains why Tim never replied his letters. Tim's mind is on Isabel. They leave together for the next cruise. In the ship Tim rejects Ivo's sexual advances even locking the door with a chair. Tim later explains to Ivo that he is no longer in love. He tells him about Isabel and how he plans to leave for Vancouver. They get into a fight and Ivo almost chokes him to death.
During the last day of the cruise they visit a rocky island. Tim and Ivo argue about their relationship in a secluded place. They get into a fight and Tim pushes Ivo onto a rock which knocks him unconscious. He seems dead and so Tim runs off scared and covers up so that no one in the ship knows he is missing.
Back at their hotel he uses Ivo's money to get a flight to Vancouver. In Vancouver he notices he left Isabel's card in the Jacket Ivo died wearing. He tries all he can to track Isabel down but in vain. He ends up engaging in random sex with gay men in the city. He keeps seeing ghosts of Ivo appearing everywhere due to the guilt that he killed him.
Ivo shows up at Isabel's house. He is invited in by Isabel's husband. He explains how Tim left him for dead on the island and was only saved after one of his colleagues became suspicious and went back to the island. He says Tim was leaving him dead to be with his sister Isabel. Tim never knew Isabel was Ivo's sister. Ivo and Isabel get into a fight over it.
Ivo continues to write scary letters to Tim who thinks it must be a ghost because he is dead. One day Ivo comes to Tim's town for the opera. He meets him on the streets running and shaken. In the house he tells him that Isabel is the sister. As he leaves Tim insists he wears his jacket and keep it. He wears it. He gets stabbed to death on the road while leaving. Police investigating find he was stabbed by Thierry who is Tim's gay lover. Tim had earlier told him of a safe in the house where he keeps his money back when he was a gay prostitute in Vancouver. Thierry thought Ivo was Tim because of the jacket and wanted to take his keys and steal the money.


The Crying Game is a 1992 movie. Jody is a black British soldier who is lured by Irish Republican Army members through a woman named Jude. Jude and her fellow rebels hold Jody captive to negotiate with the government. While in captivity one of the members named Fergus creates a bond with Jody. Jody shows him a picture of his lover and where he can find her if he dies. Jody eventually dies when the military attacks the hideout.
Fergus is able to hide and escape the attack. He goes to the city and seeks out Jody's lover at the salon as told. He finds her. Her name is Dil. Fergus begins to bond and fall in love with her. One day as they are preparing to have sex Fergus is shocked to discover Dil is a man. Dil thought Fergus knew because the bar she frequents to sing is transgender and gay friendly. Fergus runs off but later comes looking for Dil now knowing he is a transgender. This whole time Dil does not know Fergus was involved in Jody's kidnapping.
Jude tracks down Fergus and wants him to do a dirty job for them. She also wants Fergus to leave Dil. Fergus is afraid Dil might be killed and asks her to disguise herself as a boy. On the day Fergus is supposed to execute their did Dil ties him up in the bed. The plot fails and Jude's partner is killed. Jude comes to Dil's house and is shot dead by Dil who still thought they were lovers with Fergus. Dil did however learn her involvement with Jody's sad fate just before she came in. Police later come and find Fergus in the house. He is arrested and sent to jail. Dil the transgender is not implicated. Dil is still in love with Fergus and goes to visit him in jail.


Rites of Passage is a 1999 film whose theme revolves around the relationship between a father and his gay son. Jay Farraday also known as D.J. comes to check into a hotel on work duty. He is however shocked to see his father who should be in Tacoma. His father is with another woman behaving affectionate towards her. Del Farraday is also as surprised to see his son there. He knows his son has discovered the secret love affair. They decide later in the weekend to stay over at their cabin in the woods to straighten up that issue.
When they arrive at the cabin they find Cambell Farraday there. Cambell is Del's gay son and brother to D.J. Cambell has not been in good terms with the dad. One day Del found Cambell being affectionate with another man called Billy there at the cabin. Del beat Billy up. He has never accepted Cambell for being gay. D.J. thinks Cambell is with Billy but later learns he died. Billy died on AIDS but Cambell assures his brother that he got tested and is negative.
At night they seat at the table and Del explains his other partner to his two sons. Cambell is upset and they get into a fight. Cambell's homosexuality has never been well taken by Del. It is interrupted by two strangers who are looking to make a call. They come in and make the call and after a number of weird moments go away. D.J. however spots Cambell trying to leave in the night. On confronting him he discovers the two strangers in the car. Cambell is forced to explain.
After the beat up in the cabin by Del, Billy went missing. Cambell spent months looking for Billy. He got in touch with a man in prison who they communicated about Billy. The man named Frank discovered Cambell's family had a cabin near an area he has buried money from scams. He befriended Cambell knowing he was gay until the former thought they were in love. Frank escaped prison with another inmate named Red. Cambell out of the love had agreed to host them at the cabin until they can get the money. This was interrupted when Del and D.J. showed up.
The escapees take the family hostage for some while. It is not long before Frank and Red disagree. Red reveals to Cambell that he wrote the letters and not Frank. Also tells him Frank never loved him. Red is shot dead by Frank in the disagreement while Del is shot above the arm. Cambell leaves Frank to drown in the nearby lake while police and paramedics come.
Cambell is arrested and sent to jail for aiding the escapees. D.J. comes with Del to see him even though he never wanted his father to be there. He is to be released in 6 months.


My Name Is Love is a 2008 Swedish short gay movie. Love is out with Fredrika and other friends at a night club partying. Love is not having fun as the rest. He asks Fredrika if  they can leave but she insists on having a few more drinks while dancing. Love leaves the club and walks outside a gay night club. He then begins walking and meets a man who they exchange glances. The man asks Love if he wants anything from him. Love answers he wants nothing but the man insists. He convinces Love to walk back with him to his nearby apartment. At the apartment the man tells Love he is called Marcus and is 28 years old. Love tells him he is 22 years old. Marcus says he is an economist while Love says he studies history of literature at the University. Marcus makes his move on Love even though he hesitates. They later both undress. Marcus turns Love over on the coach and begins penetrating him. Love is in pain and tries to free himself asking Marcus to stop. Marcus pins him down and continues to penetrate him as he groans with pain. After he is done he asks Love to leave. Marcus leaves to take a shower and Love dresses up slowly in pain and opens the door. While leaving a voice message comes through from a lady who lives in the house identifying herself as Caroline. Caroline asks Sebastian to pick her up at the airport in the morning. Seems Marcus is actually called Sebastian and lives with a woman. Sebastian curses while in the shower yelling words like gay whore. Love walks on the street in pain and vomiting. He is also crying. Fredrika calls to tell him that she is at the gay bar but she can only hear him crying over the phone.


Ruben's Place is a 2012 gay movie. Ruben lives with his father in a small town which most people abandoned due to el nino floods. His father is a drunkard whose health is deteriorating. Ruben's mother died recently from drowning. Ruben is out of college on summer holiday. He is not sure if he will go back due to financial constraints.
His father calls Victor his brother to hook up Ruben with a job at his warehouse. Ruben begins working for his uncle and is soon promoted due to his good job. He also gives Ruben a car to do deliveries. One day Ruben comes across a childhood friend Jimmy outside the warehouse. He gives Jimmy his number and cannot wait for him to call. Jimmy eventually calls and Ruben runs off to catch up. He finds out Jimmy sleeps outside. His parents died in a car accident and has been brought up in foster homes.
Ruben gets Jimmy to work for him at the warehouse without Victor's knowledge. He pays Jimmy from his own money. While on his trips to where Jimmy stays he notices he has very good drawings. They also kiss with Jimmy and it is revealed they are gay.
Ruben asks his uncle for space to put up the drawings. His uncle accepts and Jimmy's drawings are hang. Ruben advertises their gallery. One day one of the city hall board of directors calls asking to buy all of Jimmy's drawings including the warehouse. His uncle Victor negotiates and eventually sells it to the city who plan to turn it into an art center. Jimmy and Ruben dance together and everybody including the father and uncle are surprised to learn they are in love and gay.


Savage Nights is a 1992 gay themed film with the French title Les Nuits Fauves. Jean is a camera man. He is gay and promiscuous. He goes to cruise for gay sex under bridges in Paris. Jean is also HIV positive which has already turned to AIDS as he is showing up with Kaposi Sarcoma. Jean has a relationship with a straight young man Samy who is a rugby player. Samy lives with his girlfriend Marianne. During one of their auditions Jean meets 17 year old girl named Laura. He falls in love with her. He lets her know that he also likes boys meaning he is bisexual. Laura has no problem and they quickly fall in love. Jean has sex with Laura without telling her about his HIV status. When he tells her later she is upset but too in love to leave him despite her mother's intervention. She even refuses to use a condom in their consequent sexual encounters. Jean continues to cruise for sex in gay hideouts usually under bridges. He is reckless probably because he knows he is dying. Laura eventually suffers a nervous breakdown after Jean continues to cheat on her. She is hospitalized in a mental institution now that she is also HIV positive. Jean continues with his gay lifestyle even travelling to Brazil now that he knows he is dying.


The 24th day is a 2004 gay themed movie about two men Tom and Dan. Tom and Dan meet at a bar in the city. Dan is gay and Tom accepts they go over to his apartment. While at the apartment Dan makes a move on Tom who quickly turns away. Tom begins to ask Dan how many men he has been with. Dan cannot seem to accurately remember. Tom insists he can remember all his sex encounters.
Dan later remembers that he has been to the same house after seeing a broken frog toy. Tom begins asking Dan about that night 5 years before when they were at the same apartment having sex. Dan seems not to remember much whilst Tom remembers each detail. He is very angry Dan does not remember most details. He asks Dan if he is safe. Dan insists he is even though he cannot remember if he used the condom that day five years before.
Dan notices Tom is weird and up to no good. He insists on leaving but the door is locked. He asks for the keys but they do not belong to the door. Tom wrestles him to the ground, handcuffs him. He then ties him to a chair and draws blood from him with a needle and syringe. Tom takes the blood to a lab for testing. He insists Dan infected him with HIV that day five years before. He says he will release him if the tests come back negative for HIV.
Tom had gone for a HIV test 24 days before and it had come out positive. He had also done another one to confirm. His wife got swollen lymph nodes and night sweats including loss of weight. She went to the hospital for tests and she was told it was AIDS. She jumped a red light and died in an ensuing car accident. Now Tom blames himself for giving her HIV. She was only 27 years old.
As they wait for the results they have several tense moments in the house as they talk about their past. Tom tells Dan that he will cut his throat and let him bleed to death if the tests come back positive. At the same time Dan realizes Tom has been following him for some time when he talks about a Blondie he has been meeting. Tom also says he is straight and the only gay man he has been with is Dan. They get into heated arguments when Dan insists he could have got HIV from a heterosexual encounter with women and not only homosexuals have HIV. Tom tapes his mouth.
The tests come out eventually. Tom releases Dan. Dan is happy because he thinks the tests must have come back negative. As he leaves at the door Tom informs him the results came back positive. Dan is shocked and asks Tom angrily to stop tormenting him. He picks the results from the table to check for himself and is shocked.


Sunday Bloody Sunday is a 1971 British gay themed film. Bob Elkin is a good looking artist in his twenties. He is bisexual. He has a heterosexual affair with Alex Greville a divorced older lady. Bob also has a homosexual affair with Dr. Daniel Hirsh who is well known and respected within his Jewish community. Bob is able to switch between the two with ease. Alex and Daniel use the same message service and through it they get to know that they are both sharing Bob. Both Alex and Daniel know each other through mutual friends. Dr. Daniel has long been pushed by members of his Jewish community to find a wife and marry. None of them know the good doctor is gay. Daniel and Alex are willing to continue their relationship with Bob despite discovering the love triangle. Bob however has bigger plans for his life. His art is taking him to USA. Dr. Daniel gets to know of it when Bob comes up with a fever and discloses he got a small pox vaccine in order to travel. They had earlier on planned a trip to Italy. Dr. Daniel is sad for loosing Bob and so is Alex. One Sunday morning Bob Elkin leaves for New York and both Daniel and Alex meet at a mutual friends house and exchange greetings knowing they are both mourning Bob's absence.