Straight Story is a 2006 Greek gay movie about a community where homosexuality is considered the norm while heterosexuality is seen as abnormal. Giannis is a straight handsome young man who falls in love with a lady named Sofia. Giannis' father Stefanos is a gay man living with his male partner Petros. They both assume their son Giannis is gay. Giannis is forced to come out to his parents as straight. His girlfriend Sofia is bisexual and her previous relationships have been mostly homosexual. She was lately in a lesbian affair with Zeta before she met Giannis. Zeta finds it rude and awkward that Sofia is leaving her for a man. Zeta is not willing to let Giannis take Sofia away from her and puts on a fight. Giannis finds himself in a situation where he has to struggle because he is straight unlike if he were gay.


Die Konsequenz is a 1977 German gay movie which tells the story of a love affair between an inmate and a teenage boy. Thomas is a 15 year old son of a prison warden. He develops a relationship with an inmate in the prison named Martin Kurath. Kurath is gay and was an actor before being imprisoned. Their relationship soon turns intimate and when Kurath is released a year later it flourishes even more. Thomas is chased away by the father after declaring that he is a homosexual. He goes to live with Kurath but his father later has him incarcerated in a reformatory. Kurath helps him escape to Germany. Life in Germany does not go well and Kurath is forced to prostitute himself to survive. He returns to the reformatory he escaped from already mentally damaged by the hard experiences he has gone through. Even after his release he remains a troubled gay man.


Eyes Wide Open is a 2009 Israeli gay film about a married man who falls in love with a homeless young man. Aaron is a father of four living in Jerusalem. He is a respected member of the Orthodox Jewish community. One day at the synagogue he meets Ezri a boy who had earlier asked to work in his butcher shop. He offers him a job at the shop which he takes.
Ezri and Aaron grow close. Ezri is gay and begins making sexual advances at Aaron. Aaron hesitates but later gives in. They begin a homosexual affair. Aaron's wife Rivka becomes suspicious. Friends begin warning Aaron that Ezri is a bad influence. Aaron is too in love with Ezri to just move on despite the risk involved being a family man and respected community member.
Pressure mounts on Aaron to abandon Ezri's company. Members of the community begin to boycott his shop. Eventually Ezri is attacked by some locals and has to completely leave. Aaron takes it hard.


Lianna is a 1983 lesbian film about a married woman who leaves her husband to explore a gay lifestyle. Lianna is a wife to a college professor with whom they have two children. She is bored and unhappy in the marriage and takes up a child psychology class to kill her boredom. In college she strikes a relationship with her female lecturer named Ruth. They begin a lesbian affair. Lianna contemplates leaving her husband for Ruth especially after discovering her husband has been cheating on her with a student. Ruth however backs off insisting it will be unprofessional and that she already has another lesbian lover.
Lianna eventually leaves her husband after a fight. She begins to explore her gay side by visiting lesbian clubs and having affairs. In the process she meets Sandy who tries to understand and accept her despite the turbulent history.


Holding Trevor is a 2007 gay movie about the relationships a young man goes through some ending tragically. Trevor is a telemarketer who is in a gay relationship with Darrell a drug addict. Trevor is trying to get out of his relationship with Darrell and also find a well paying job.
Darrell takes a drug overdose and is hospitalized. Trevor meets a gay medical intern named Ephram at the hospital and they fall in love. He leaves Darrell to seek a relationship with Ephram.
Andie who is a female best friend tests positive for HIV while at a party. She is devastated. Darrell also dies in hospital and Ephram seeks to comfort Trevor who is devastated. Ephram later gets a job offer in New York and asks Trevor to come along and live with him. Trevor is torn between leaving his vulnerable friend Andie now devastated by his HIV status or seeking the love he wants to escape misery in Los Angeles.


As Good As It Gets is a 1997 film which tells the story of three people and how their lives are brought together by a chance incident. Melvin Udall is a novelist who suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. He lives in an apartment and has a neighbor named Simon who is gay. Melvin is homophobic and rude to Simon and his boyfriend Frank. He also gets into a fight with Frank after throwing Simon's dog Verdell through a trash tunnel. Melvin eats at a restaurant where he prefers to be served by a waitress named Carol. Carol's son Spencer suffers from chronic asthma attacks which have made him home ridden. Carol's mother helps take care of the boy.
Simon is an artist who likes to draw portraits of people. He gets a street hustler to pose for him over several days. The hustler hatches a plan to rob the house with fellow gay prostitutes. Simon walks in on the robbery and is badly injured by them. He is hospitalized and the ensuing bill leaves him broke. Frank prevails upon Melvin to take care of Simon's dog Verdell. Simon can also not pay his house help and Melvin is forced to take up some roles even though he is homophobic.
Carol has to leave work at the restaurant to take care of his ailing son. Melvin opts to pay for Carol's son treatment so that she can continue serving him at the restaurant. Simon cannot afford the apartment and plans a trip to his parents in Baltimore. Melvin agrees to take him and asks Carol to come over. During the trip the three discover many things about their lives. Melvin falls in love with Carol but his OCD and lack of compassion makes their relationship rocky. Back home Melvin is forced to accommodate gay Simon who does not have a place to stay.


This is a 2007 gay movie about two fire fighters who fake a gay relationship to try and circumvent official bureaucracy. Chuck and Larry are both firefighters for the New York Fire Department. Larry lost his wife and is having a hard time changing the beneficiary in case he dies from the late wife to the children. He is advised to seek a partner in order to easily change it. He only trusts Chuck. They both decide to fake a gay partnership and sign the affidavit.
A man from the pensions department visits Larry's house to investigate his new partnership claiming there are many scams associated with gay partnerships. Larry panics and they seek the services of a lawyer who tells them people go to prison for such scams. Alex the female lawyer advises them to get married to further legitimize their domestic partnership. Chuck and Larry travel to Canada and perform a gay wedding.
Clint Fitzer a gay man who works for the City's Fraud Detection and Enforcement Unit comes to investigate and insists their trash and lifestyle is not homosexual. Larry and Chuck struggle to make the house and their lifestyles look gay enough. They start attending gay parties and gay pride parades. Chuck is a womanizer and has a hard time faking his sexual orientation when surrounded by women. This gets them in trouble and they are called upon to defend themselves in a city council public hearing.
The hearing goes well until they are asked to kiss by Clint Fitzer. Their captain who already knows the fraud interrupts them and exposes their fraud. They are all locked up ready to be charged with forgery and conspiracy. They are given a deal to plead guilty for a misdemeanor charge and also pose for gay calendars to raise money for AIDS research.  


Judas Kiss is a 2011 gay movie about a man who gets an opportunity though in fiction to change his life's destiny from what it is now. Zachary Wells is asked by his once boyfriend now best friend Topher to replace him as a judge at the Keystone Film Festival. Topher is a successful film director and is travelling to Spain for his film Blood & Barcelona. Zachary hesitates because he attended Keystone Summit University where the festival is.
Zachary accepts and travels to his former college. He is put up in a students house. Later at night he goes to a gay club where he meets a younger boy. He goes back to his bed with him and they have sex. Next day he goes to judge the film finalists with two other judges. He is shocked to see the boy he slept with the night before presenting a screenplay by the name Judas Kiss. The boy's name is Danny Reyes. Zachary storms out in protest because that was his name before he changed it after college. His relationship with the boy is tense after that.
Danny has been asked by his father not to show the film if he expects to get funding for film school. Danny refuses and seeks out a relationship with Shane the gay son of a wealthy couple who donate to film productions. Chris a fellow gay student in love with Danny falls out with him telling him Shane is just out to use him.
During the screening night it is announced that the film is disqualified for an award because it was written before meaning the script did not belong to Danny. It is however shown and Danny gets recognition. It shows Danny and his relationship with an abusive father. It turns out Danny is Zachary who must try and forge a different path for his life now or end up like the current Zachary.


This is a 1992 gay themed film which tells the story of a relationship between a 12 year old boy and a soldier. It is 1944 and the Netherlands is occupied by Germans. The city of Amsterdam does not have enough food and parents are sending children to the countryside where there is enough to eat. Jeroen is a 12 year old boy whose mother sends his off to the countryside. Once in the countryside he is taken in by a religious christian family led by Hait a fisherman. They are nice to Jeroen even though he is still homesick. Jeroen spends most of his time with Jan who they came with from Amsterdam and is an old friends from there. The Netherlands is later liberated and some Canadian soldiers stay over at the village. One of the soldiers develops an interest in Jeroen. His name is Walt and he begins to spend most of his time with Jeroen. The relationship soon turns into a homosexual one. The two are in love with each other. Time however comes for Walt to move back to Canada. He does not tell Walt, probably for fear of breaking his heart. Jeroen is depressed to learn his homoerotic lover has left next day. It gets worse when a photo of Walt he had hidden in his clothes is ruined in the rain. Jeroen's mother soon writes to say she is coming to take him. Jeroen is not excited even when she shows up. He is still missing his lover. They soon leave on a boat back to Amsterdam with the mother.
As a grown up teaching ballet, Jeroen remembers those days and the soldier. His colleague hands him an envelope containing an enlarged photo from the foster family when he was little. Behind it is a photograph of Walt's dog tag. He can now use the clear identification details in the dog tag photo to find his lost soldier.


They Say is a 2015 short film about bullying and homophobia in school. Griffin is a school boy who is not popular among his mates. They say that he is weird and just different. One boy says Griffin might be gay because he likes to talk about how some boys look good. Griffin finds company with Dana a girl who is also ostracized in school. They spend most time together even out of school. Griffin likes feminine activities which Dana readily also enjoys. One day Dana takes a video recording of Griffin singing a love song while in his room. Griffin also shares some of his love secrets with Dana. In school some popular girls ask Dana if she has a boyfriend and her relationship with Griffin. Hoping to be popular she shows them the video and tells them about Griffin's sexuality. The girls go telling everybody. The love song Griffin is singing in the video is probably about a boy in school who he has a crush on. The homophobic boy comes after Griffin with rage beating him up and other boys chasing him around. Griffin is rumored to have committed suicide after the incident.


Between Love & Goodbye is a 2008 gay movie revolving around the same sex relationship between two gay men. Kyle and Marcel are both gay. Kyle plays in a band while Marcel is in acting school. Marcel is from France and in New York for studies. They both met in a New York gay club and fell in love.
To get permanent residence in USA, Marcel fakes a heterosexual relationship with Sarah a lesbian. They go ahead and do a wedding. They present themselves before the immigration department and pass.
Kyle and Marcel are in a love affair living together in an apartment. Kyle's mother committed suicide while they were kids. He was left with Cole his brother who is now a transgender calling himself April. Kyle and April had misunderstandings and the former decided to move out. April calls and they reconcile. April moves in with Kyle which makes Marcel unhappy. Kyle begins to spend more time with April working on their band making Marcel even more unhappy.
Marcel goes on a working trip to Los Angeles. Kyle is already not as attached to him. Marcel notices from the phone calls. He comes back before he is done with work to save their relationship. Kyle reveals that he had sex with another gay man. Marcel also confesses of infidelity and it upsets Kyle even further who wants it out of the relationship. Cole who is now a boy after implanted breasts reject his body does not like Marcel and persuades his brother to break up. Kyle tells Marcel that he does not love him any more. Marcel is obsessed with Kyle and finds it very hard to move on. They end up having a very bitter and violent breakup which at some point gets each one of them arrested. The break up leads to tragedy.  


2:37 is a 2006 Australian film which follows the lives of 6 high school students struggling with various issues.
Marcus is a geek who dreams of becoming a successful lawyer like his father. His sister Melody likes children and animals and would like to be a teacher. Luke is a popular soccer player in school and also good looking. Sean is gay and struggling with rejection both at home and school. Steven is a withdrawn teenager who has a limp because of a longer leg. He also has a problem controlling his urine due to urethra defects.
Luke has a reputation of a womanizer among his friends. He also prefers anal sex with girls. Luke is however a gay teenager in the closet. He is having a homosexual relationship with Sean even though he participates in teasing him. Sean is upset his parents do not accept his sexual orientation and dismiss it as a phase.
Marcus has been touching his sister Melody sexually since she was 13. He later rapes her. She gets pregnant and they are both now distressed by the consequences. Luke is overheard by Steven kissing and fighting with Sean in the toilet. Sean is confronting Luke for ignoring him in school even though they are having a gay affair. Luke leaves upset and even pushes away his girlfriend Sarah. Eventually at 2:37 P.M a girl named Kelly commits suicide in the toilet by cutting her wrist.


Miles Apart is a short gay movie about two gay men dealing with a parent who resents their homosexual relationship. Miles and Jeffrey are travelling to attend Kathryn's wedding. Kathryn is Jeffrey's sister. Jeffrey is gay and has been in a relationship with Miles. Jeffrey's mother does not approve of their homosexual affair.
Miles has reservations about having to stay at Jeffrey's home because of his mother's attitude towards their sexuality. Jeffrey convinces him to come along. They arrive and the mother is already very ignorant of Miles existence. She even asks them not to lock the door while in the room. At the dinner table she asks Miles to pray for the food with an ulterior motive. Miles starts to pray invoking his gay relationship with Jeffrey. The mother stops him and they argue. He goes away upset and Jeffrey goes after him. Miles asks that they leave but Jeffrey pleads with him to stay at least until they attend the wedding. He agrees and on the wedding day the mother treats them no different with the same homophobic discrimination.