Floating Skyscrapers is a 2013 gay film about Kuba who trains as a swimmer and is still discovering his homosexuality. Kuba has a girlfriend named Sylwia. She takes Kuba to an art exhibition after picking him up from training. There he meets Michal and they both strike a conversation. Unknown to Sylwia, Kuba is secretly gay and has been admiring men training including receiving oral sex from a guy in the bathroom. Kuba and Michal continue to meet and grow fond of each other. Michal falls in love with Kuba One day at a dinner in Kuba's home, Michal tells Kuba's mother about his love for Kuba. The relationship distracts Kuba from his training and one day he quits in the middle of a swimming competition. Michal eventually comes out to his family about his homosexuality and love for Kuba.