Weekend is a 2011 British gay film. Russell attends a house party with his straight friends but leaves early. He decides to head for a gay club where he meets Glen a studying artist. They both go to Russell's apartment where they have sex. Russel gets bored at the pool where he works as a lifeguard and decides to call Glen. They go back to Russell's flat where they get to know each other better. Glen learns Russell grew up in foster homes. Russell is upset to find out Glen is moving to USA soon for further studies and even has a farewell party planned for next day. Russell agrees to attend. While at the party a girl friend to Glen confides in Russell that Glen has had a previous gay relationship which went wrong. After the party at home Glen discovers Russell has been with his ex boyfriend John. That Sunday morning Glen leaves leaving Russell disappointed. Russell attends his friend Jamie's daughter birthday. He is clearly distort and when he explains to Jamie they decide to visit the train station to see Glen off. It is an emotional moment as Russell says goodbye and Glen hands him a present. Back home Russell opens the present to find it is a voice recorder with oral recollections of the activities over the weekend.