The Birdcage is a 1996 gay comedy. Armand Goldman owns a drag club called The Birdcage where his gay partner Albert is the star. Armand although gay has a son named Val. Val lets Armand know that he is planning to marry Barbara the daughter of a very conservative Senator. The two families have to meet and everyone knows Kevin Keeley the senator will not be amused to find his in laws are a gay couple. They hatch a plan where Albert plays the role of Val's uncle while Armand and Katherine Val's biological parents play the role of father mother. The plan begins to go bad because Albert is too flamboyant to act like a straight man. Katherine gets stuck in traffic and so Albert takes over the role of Val's mother wearing a wig. The Senator and his wife do not notice the gimmick. Katherine however arrives and introduces herself as Val's mother and it confuses the Senator plus wife. Val is forced to explain the true situation and even though the Keeley's are shocked Barbara and Val go ahead to do a wedding which both families attend.