This is a year 2000 movie about a boy named Billy Elliot living in England. Billy lives with his father Jackie Elliot, brother Tony Elliot and their grandmother. Billy's mother died some while back and they only go once in a while to the cemetery to remember her. Billy's dad and brother are coal miners at the Durham coalfield. It is 1984 when Margaret Thatcher is the Prime Minister and the National Union of Mine Workers has called for a strike. Billy's brother Tony goes picketing everyday near the coal mines. Jackie was a boxer and so was his dad. He pays for Billy boxing lessons 50 pence a day at the Everington Boys Club. Billy is not interested in boxing and is also very bad at it. One day the ballet class comes to share the boxing room with them. Billy gets interested in the ballet class and eventually joins in the practice. From then on Billy begins hiding to attend the ballet lessons instead of boxing. Billy is the only boy in the ballet lessons. He leaves home with his boxing gloves on his neck but ballet outfit hidden in his pants. Billy becomes so good at ballet that Mr. Braithwaite the pianist says to him "you look like a right wanker to me, son". During one of the mine workers' picketing lines the boxing coach tells Jackie that his son has not attended boxing classes for months. Jackie is furious. He goes looking where Billy spends that time only to find him in a ballet class. He forces him out of the room. At home he gives Billy a lecture about how ballet is for girls and women and that he should do something manly. Billy does not agree and even tries to convince his dad that ballet is normal for boys even making reference to Wayne Sleep. Jackie is angry and he orders Billy not to attend ballet or boxing and just stay home and take care of his grandmother. Billy runs off very upset. He later visits Mrs. Wilkinson the ballet teacher at her home. He finds her daughter Debbie and husband Tom Wilkinson. He gets to learn from Debbie that her parents sleep in separate beds since his father cheated. Billy plays with Debbie and for a moment they almost kiss. On his way back home Billy makes plans with Mrs. Wilkinson to take private ballet lessons secretly. One day Billy visits his classmate Michael Caffrey at his home. Michael likes Billy and is also probably gay. Billy is shocked to find him in a dress belonging to his sister. Billy asks why he is cross dressing and wearing makeup. Michael answers that it is perfectly normal since his dad also does that when alone. Michael applies lipstick on Billy. Meanwhile the coal miners strike is still on and Tony is still causing havoc. He gets into a fight with his dad who tries to restrain him from going at night. Tony gets arrested later. It is Billy's ballet auditions when Tony is presented in court. Billy misses his auditions to attend the court session. Mrs. Wilkinson goes looking for him at their home. They arrive just as she is about to leave. Mrs. Wilkinson explains to Jackie and Tony that Billy has missed a very important ballet audition. Tony is shocked to hear Billy has been attending ballet. He gets into a fight with Mrs. Wilkinson. It comes Christmas and the family is broke from the strike. Jackie smashes the piano to Billy's dismay to use its wood as firewood. Billy meets Michael outside in the cold. Michael offers to warm Billy's hands. Billy asks Michael if he is a poof, a British slang meaning gay. Billy explains that he does not have to be a poof even though he does ballet. They both go into the boy club's boxing area and start dancing ballet with Michael wearing a tutu. The boxing coach has been out drinking and sees them. He calls Jackie to see. Jackie goes in and Billy continues to dance in front and  around him. He runs off to Mrs. Wilkinson's house where he asks her about the auditions and the costs. Jackie decides to go back to work despite the strike to raise money for Billy. Tony sees him while out picketing and runs after the bus. He finds Jackie in the minefield just off the bus and tells him not to do it as they hold each other emotionally crying. Jackie later borrows money from pawnbrokers to fund their trip to the auditions. Billy and his father Jackie make the journey to London. At the auditions Billy is stressed. He does not know that he has impressed the judges with his dancing. In the changing room a somehow effeminate boy who probably is gay and likes Billy tries to comfort him. Billy looses his cool the boy and he hits him calling him a bent bastard. The judges take note of this behavior during their final interview. Jackie and Billy leave for home to wait for the letter stating if he will be admitted to ballet school. The letter arrives later and it is good news. Billy says goodbye to his teacher Mrs. Wilkinson. As he is leaving for the bus Michael calls out and he goes to say bye with a final kiss. Tony and Jackie see him off at the bus to London. Years later when Billy looks older Jackie and Tony attend a show in which Billy is performing. Seated next to them is Michael Caffrey looking very feminine. He tells them he wouldn't have missed the show for the world.