And Then Came Summer is a year 2000 gay themed movie. It follows the lives of two gay teenagers and their struggles within their families.
Brian takes his two sons David and Ricky to see aunt Lillian. Aunt Lilian lives by the beach and is very happy to see Brian who he considers her favorite nephew. David goes with his younger brother Ricky to the beach to play. Lilian informs Brian that he has called his childhood friend Tommy to come over and see him. Tommy meets Brian at the beach together with girlfriend Kathy and little brother Seth. Tommy asks Brian why he has not come with his wife Laura and he lies she is busy but it is later revealed they are separated. Tommy's wife Jennifer died in a car accident some time back. He is also jobless now after the company he was working for relocated overseas.
Seth goes off to meet the two brothers. He and David develop a close relationship. Seth tells David that he was sent away by his parents to live with Tommy because his friends were a bad influence. Seth later on takes David to a party where they get drunk. David is too drunk to go into the house and he proposes they instead go to the beach. Along the beach they chat and David reveals he would like to be a veterinary. Seth reveals he is interested in being an astronaut even though he finds it almost impossible to achieve. During the chat David kisses Seth but apologizes. Seth tells him that it is okay and they continue kissing on the beach. Later after the kissing incident they spend most of the time together on the boat fishing and horse riding.
During breakfast David tries to chat with his younger brother Ricky but he won't reply. He asks him if they met any girls and Ricky answers with the question "how would you know about girls?". Ricky then informs him that he saw him and Seth kissing and even threatens to tell their dad.
Seth comes next day to take David for a movie but finds him sobbing in the room. David informs him that Ricky saw them kissing the other night. He runs off telling Seth that he does not want to be a freak. Seth runs after him explaining his own hardships in being gay.
Tommy and his friend Kevin come to visit Brian. Kevin explains that he inherited his boat from the will of his gay uncle who considered him the favorite nephew. Seth frowns at Kevin's conversation which sounds as if he is homophobic.
One day they all gather to have a meal at the table. David is very quiet and Ricky confronts him by asking if he is thinking of anyone special meaning their relationship with Seth. They get into a words fight which their dad ends but trouble does not stop there. Kevin decides to tell a joke but Seth interrupts him rudely after noticing it has a gay character in it. They get into a fight with Tommy for that and Seth begins to reveal why he was sent over to Tommy's. He reveals that his parents took him to a special hospital to cure his homosexuality after they realized he was gay. The hospital performed many medications on him including electrocution therapy. He was later sent to stay with his brother Tommy to make him see the right way. Seth later runs off to the church where Tommy comes over and apologizes for not being on his side during his struggle with homosexuality. Brian finds David sobbing by the beach and asks him to give him time to get in touch with his homosexuality promising he can never abandon him.
Brian later sells his house and business in the city and moves into the beach area where they start a bed and breakfast with Tommy.