$30 is a gay short film released in 1999. Scott has just turned 16 years old. His father's gift to him is sex with a female prostitute. Scott is very nervous of what to expect. His dad encourages him and drops him off at the location with 30 dollars. Scott approaches the room and enters feeling ever tense. The lady identifies herself as Emily. She undresses and asks Scott to join her since time is limited and running out. Scott is unwilling but he goes ahead to remove his clothes and enter between the sheets with her. Scott does not manage to get an erection and have sexual intercourse with her. He runs off into the toilet and cleans his mouth and puts his clothes back on. They go outside with Emily and chat. During the chat Scott tries to convince Emily that he could not have sex with her because there is a girl in school he likes. Emily knows Scott is gay and asks what is the name of the boy. Scott is surprised Emily knows and replies Fred. He asks Emily to keep it a secret. Emily explains that her real name is Michelle. They continue to talk and when Scott's dad approaches the room to listen they both pretend to be having sex by jumping on the bed while making noises. Scott's dad walks off convinced. Eventually Scott's dad comes to pick him. He asks Michelle how is his boy and she answers that he is not a boy but a man. Scott's dad goes convinced Scott is man enough because he had good sex with Michelle.