Ruben's Place is a 2012 gay movie. Ruben lives with his father in a small town which most people abandoned due to el nino floods. His father is a drunkard whose health is deteriorating. Ruben's mother died recently from drowning. Ruben is out of college on summer holiday. He is not sure if he will go back due to financial constraints.
His father calls Victor his brother to hook up Ruben with a job at his warehouse. Ruben begins working for his uncle and is soon promoted due to his good job. He also gives Ruben a car to do deliveries. One day Ruben comes across a childhood friend Jimmy outside the warehouse. He gives Jimmy his number and cannot wait for him to call. Jimmy eventually calls and Ruben runs off to catch up. He finds out Jimmy sleeps outside. His parents died in a car accident and has been brought up in foster homes.
Ruben gets Jimmy to work for him at the warehouse without Victor's knowledge. He pays Jimmy from his own money. While on his trips to where Jimmy stays he notices he has very good drawings. They also kiss with Jimmy and it is revealed they are gay.
Ruben asks his uncle for space to put up the drawings. His uncle accepts and Jimmy's drawings are hang. Ruben advertises their gallery. One day one of the city hall board of directors calls asking to buy all of Jimmy's drawings including the warehouse. His uncle Victor negotiates and eventually sells it to the city who plan to turn it into an art center. Jimmy and Ruben dance together and everybody including the father and uncle are surprised to learn they are in love and gay.