Rites of Passage is a 1999 film whose theme revolves around the relationship between a father and his gay son. Jay Farraday also known as D.J. comes to check into a hotel on work duty. He is however shocked to see his father who should be in Tacoma. His father is with another woman behaving affectionate towards her. Del Farraday is also as surprised to see his son there. He knows his son has discovered the secret love affair. They decide later in the weekend to stay over at their cabin in the woods to straighten up that issue.
When they arrive at the cabin they find Cambell Farraday there. Cambell is Del's gay son and brother to D.J. Cambell has not been in good terms with the dad. One day Del found Cambell being affectionate with another man called Billy there at the cabin. Del beat Billy up. He has never accepted Cambell for being gay. D.J. thinks Cambell is with Billy but later learns he died. Billy died on AIDS but Cambell assures his brother that he got tested and is negative.
At night they seat at the table and Del explains his other partner to his two sons. Cambell is upset and they get into a fight. Cambell's homosexuality has never been well taken by Del. It is interrupted by two strangers who are looking to make a call. They come in and make the call and after a number of weird moments go away. D.J. however spots Cambell trying to leave in the night. On confronting him he discovers the two strangers in the car. Cambell is forced to explain.
After the beat up in the cabin by Del, Billy went missing. Cambell spent months looking for Billy. He got in touch with a man in prison who they communicated about Billy. The man named Frank discovered Cambell's family had a cabin near an area he has buried money from scams. He befriended Cambell knowing he was gay until the former thought they were in love. Frank escaped prison with another inmate named Red. Cambell out of the love had agreed to host them at the cabin until they can get the money. This was interrupted when Del and D.J. showed up.
The escapees take the family hostage for some while. It is not long before Frank and Red disagree. Red reveals to Cambell that he wrote the letters and not Frank. Also tells him Frank never loved him. Red is shot dead by Frank in the disagreement while Del is shot above the arm. Cambell leaves Frank to drown in the nearby lake while police and paramedics come.
Cambell is arrested and sent to jail for aiding the escapees. D.J. comes with Del to see him even though he never wanted his father to be there. He is to be released in 6 months.