The Crying Game is a 1992 movie. Jody is a black British soldier who is lured by Irish Republican Army members through a woman named Jude. Jude and her fellow rebels hold Jody captive to negotiate with the government. While in captivity one of the members named Fergus creates a bond with Jody. Jody shows him a picture of his lover and where he can find her if he dies. Jody eventually dies when the military attacks the hideout.
Fergus is able to hide and escape the attack. He goes to the city and seeks out Jody's lover at the salon as told. He finds her. Her name is Dil. Fergus begins to bond and fall in love with her. One day as they are preparing to have sex Fergus is shocked to discover Dil is a man. Dil thought Fergus knew because the bar she frequents to sing is transgender and gay friendly. Fergus runs off but later comes looking for Dil now knowing he is a transgender. This whole time Dil does not know Fergus was involved in Jody's kidnapping.
Jude tracks down Fergus and wants him to do a dirty job for them. She also wants Fergus to leave Dil. Fergus is afraid Dil might be killed and asks her to disguise herself as a boy. On the day Fergus is supposed to execute their did Dil ties him up in the bed. The plot fails and Jude's partner is killed. Jude comes to Dil's house and is shot dead by Dil who still thought they were lovers with Fergus. Dil did however learn her involvement with Jody's sad fate just before she came in. Police later come and find Fergus in the house. He is arrested and sent to jail. Dil the transgender is not implicated. Dil is still in love with Fergus and goes to visit him in jail.