Hate Crime is a 2005 gay movie. Trey McCoy and Robert Levinson live together as gay partners in a friendly neighborhood. The two are planning a gay wedding even though they prefer to call it a commitment ceremony.
Chris Boyd moves in next door. He is homophobic and is therefore appalled to see Trey and Robert kissing. One day Chris confronts Robert outside their house telling him how he will go to hell and to read the bible. He also warns Robert to watch his back. Chris is Jerry Boyd's son. Pastor Jerry Boyd founded the West Dell Bible Church in 1982. He expects his son Chris to marry soon but is upset to discover they broke up with the girlfriend.
One day Trey goes to walk the dog at night leaving Robert in the house. He is attacked and left for dead. Robert finds him after the dog returns to the house alone. He is admitted to hospital in critical condition. As Trey lies in a coma police begin investigations. They suspect Chris Boyd who also has an arrest record for vandalizing a gay man's house. He however has a lullaby since his parents confirm he was at their house the whole time.
Trey succumbs to his injuries and dies. His mother Barbara McCoy is torn by grief. Police officers are unable to find enough evidence to prosecute anybody. Robert is frustrated further when police question him as a suspect due to the insurance payoff he is set to receive. Robert breaks into Chris Boyd's house and discovers that he browses gay websites on his computer. Surveillance also reveals he frequents gay sex clubs and shops. His father Pastor Jerry Boyd is given the surveillance photos and confronts Chris about it. He confesses to Chris that he killed Trey to protect his own flesh and blood from homosexuality. Robert is nearby recording the conversation.
Police insist they do not have enough yet to prosecute anybody. Even the recorded confession is denied. Robert and Barbara make a plan to make Pastor Jerry pay for Trey's death. They kidnap him from his office to Robert's house. In the house Barbara shoots Robert with Pastor Jerry's gun then places it with him. Robert is only shot in the abdomen and holds his gun to shoot Jerry. Pastor Jerry tries to pick his gun and shoot Robert but it is empty since Barbara used up the two bullets inside. Robert shoots him dead. Police and paramedics arrive. Robert says Pastor Jerry came to shoot him dead and he shot him dead in self defense. Robert recovers quickly and is discharged.