Between Love & Goodbye is a 2008 gay movie revolving around the same sex relationship between two gay men. Kyle and Marcel are both gay. Kyle plays in a band while Marcel is in acting school. Marcel is from France and in New York for studies. They both met in a New York gay club and fell in love.
To get permanent residence in USA, Marcel fakes a heterosexual relationship with Sarah a lesbian. They go ahead and do a wedding. They present themselves before the immigration department and pass.
Kyle and Marcel are in a love affair living together in an apartment. Kyle's mother committed suicide while they were kids. He was left with Cole his brother who is now a transgender calling himself April. Kyle and April had misunderstandings and the former decided to move out. April calls and they reconcile. April moves in with Kyle which makes Marcel unhappy. Kyle begins to spend more time with April working on their band making Marcel even more unhappy.
Marcel goes on a working trip to Los Angeles. Kyle is already not as attached to him. Marcel notices from the phone calls. He comes back before he is done with work to save their relationship. Kyle reveals that he had sex with another gay man. Marcel also confesses of infidelity and it upsets Kyle even further who wants it out of the relationship. Cole who is now a boy after implanted breasts reject his body does not like Marcel and persuades his brother to break up. Kyle tells Marcel that he does not love him any more. Marcel is obsessed with Kyle and finds it very hard to move on. They end up having a very bitter and violent breakup which at some point gets each one of them arrested. The break up leads to tragedy.