They Say is a 2015 short film about bullying and homophobia in school. Griffin is a school boy who is not popular among his mates. They say that he is weird and just different. One boy says Griffin might be gay because he likes to talk about how some boys look good. Griffin finds company with Dana a girl who is also ostracized in school. They spend most time together even out of school. Griffin likes feminine activities which Dana readily also enjoys. One day Dana takes a video recording of Griffin singing a love song while in his room. Griffin also shares some of his love secrets with Dana. In school some popular girls ask Dana if she has a boyfriend and her relationship with Griffin. Hoping to be popular she shows them the video and tells them about Griffin's sexuality. The girls go telling everybody. The love song Griffin is singing in the video is probably about a boy in school who he has a crush on. The homophobic boy comes after Griffin with rage beating him up and other boys chasing him around. Griffin is rumored to have committed suicide after the incident.