This is a 1992 gay themed film which tells the story of a relationship between a 12 year old boy and a soldier. It is 1944 and the Netherlands is occupied by Germans. The city of Amsterdam does not have enough food and parents are sending children to the countryside where there is enough to eat. Jeroen is a 12 year old boy whose mother sends his off to the countryside. Once in the countryside he is taken in by a religious christian family led by Hait a fisherman. They are nice to Jeroen even though he is still homesick. Jeroen spends most of his time with Jan who they came with from Amsterdam and is an old friends from there. The Netherlands is later liberated and some Canadian soldiers stay over at the village. One of the soldiers develops an interest in Jeroen. His name is Walt and he begins to spend most of his time with Jeroen. The relationship soon turns into a homosexual one. The two are in love with each other. Time however comes for Walt to move back to Canada. He does not tell Walt, probably for fear of breaking his heart. Jeroen is depressed to learn his homoerotic lover has left next day. It gets worse when a photo of Walt he had hidden in his clothes is ruined in the rain. Jeroen's mother soon writes to say she is coming to take him. Jeroen is not excited even when she shows up. He is still missing his lover. They soon leave on a boat back to Amsterdam with the mother.
As a grown up teaching ballet, Jeroen remembers those days and the soldier. His colleague hands him an envelope containing an enlarged photo from the foster family when he was little. Behind it is a photograph of Walt's dog tag. He can now use the clear identification details in the dog tag photo to find his lost soldier.