This is a 2007 gay movie about two fire fighters who fake a gay relationship to try and circumvent official bureaucracy. Chuck and Larry are both firefighters for the New York Fire Department. Larry lost his wife and is having a hard time changing the beneficiary in case he dies from the late wife to the children. He is advised to seek a partner in order to easily change it. He only trusts Chuck. They both decide to fake a gay partnership and sign the affidavit.
A man from the pensions department visits Larry's house to investigate his new partnership claiming there are many scams associated with gay partnerships. Larry panics and they seek the services of a lawyer who tells them people go to prison for such scams. Alex the female lawyer advises them to get married to further legitimize their domestic partnership. Chuck and Larry travel to Canada and perform a gay wedding.
Clint Fitzer a gay man who works for the City's Fraud Detection and Enforcement Unit comes to investigate and insists their trash and lifestyle is not homosexual. Larry and Chuck struggle to make the house and their lifestyles look gay enough. They start attending gay parties and gay pride parades. Chuck is a womanizer and has a hard time faking his sexual orientation when surrounded by women. This gets them in trouble and they are called upon to defend themselves in a city council public hearing.
The hearing goes well until they are asked to kiss by Clint Fitzer. Their captain who already knows the fraud interrupts them and exposes their fraud. They are all locked up ready to be charged with forgery and conspiracy. They are given a deal to plead guilty for a misdemeanor charge and also pose for gay calendars to raise money for AIDS research.