Lianna is a 1983 lesbian film about a married woman who leaves her husband to explore a gay lifestyle. Lianna is a wife to a college professor with whom they have two children. She is bored and unhappy in the marriage and takes up a child psychology class to kill her boredom. In college she strikes a relationship with her female lecturer named Ruth. They begin a lesbian affair. Lianna contemplates leaving her husband for Ruth especially after discovering her husband has been cheating on her with a student. Ruth however backs off insisting it will be unprofessional and that she already has another lesbian lover.
Lianna eventually leaves her husband after a fight. She begins to explore her gay side by visiting lesbian clubs and having affairs. In the process she meets Sandy who tries to understand and accept her despite the turbulent history.


Holding Trevor is a 2007 gay movie about the relationships a young man goes through some ending tragically. Trevor is a telemarketer who is in a gay relationship with Darrell a drug addict. Trevor is trying to get out of his relationship with Darrell and also find a well paying job.
Darrell takes a drug overdose and is hospitalized. Trevor meets a gay medical intern named Ephram at the hospital and they fall in love. He leaves Darrell to seek a relationship with Ephram.
Andie who is a female best friend tests positive for HIV while at a party. She is devastated. Darrell also dies in hospital and Ephram seeks to comfort Trevor who is devastated. Ephram later gets a job offer in New York and asks Trevor to come along and live with him. Trevor is torn between leaving his vulnerable friend Andie now devastated by his HIV status or seeking the love he wants to escape misery in Los Angeles.