Straight Story is a 2006 Greek gay movie about a community where homosexuality is considered the norm while heterosexuality is seen as abnormal. Giannis is a straight handsome young man who falls in love with a lady named Sofia. Giannis' father Stefanos is a gay man living with his male partner Petros. They both assume their son Giannis is gay. Giannis is forced to come out to his parents as straight. His girlfriend Sofia is bisexual and her previous relationships have been mostly homosexual. She was lately in a lesbian affair with Zeta before she met Giannis. Zeta finds it rude and awkward that Sofia is leaving her for a man. Zeta is not willing to let Giannis take Sofia away from her and puts on a fight. Giannis finds himself in a situation where he has to struggle because he is straight unlike if he were gay.