Prick Up Your Ears is a 1987 film about the life of a famous British playwright Joe Orton. This gay movie starts as a flashback from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts where Orton is befriended by the older Kenneth Halliwell and they begin a gay relationship. Orton is a risk taker while Kenneth is more reserved. Orton's writing talents progress to greater heights as he is even commissioned to write a screenplay for The Beatles. Orton's success drives their relationship with Kenneth further away. Kenneth feels as the ignored wife in the relationship. These feelings of rejection drive Kenneth to kill Orton then commit suicide himself.


The Angelic Conversation is a 1985 gay drama film. It consists of a woman reciting fourteen Shakespeare sonnets with slow moving homoerotic images. As the images and sonnets are recited two men seek their hearts' desires. This film was released in 1985 directed by Derek Jarman.


Mala Noche is a 1985 gay movie about Walt a liquor store clerk. Walt is gay. One day two Mexican boys come into the store to buy alcohol and cigarettes. The two young boys are illegal immigrants from Mexico and they can barely speak English. Walt is infatuated by their handsome looks especially Johnny. Johnny and Pepper have to return to their hotel but Walt and a female friend are trying to convince them to come over for dinner. Walt makes his pass at Johnny by offering $15 to sleep with him. Johnny runs away to the hotel leaving Pepper with Walt. Pepper is locked out from the hotel and opts for Walt's place where they sleep and have sex. Their relationship progresses as Walt keeps trying hard to win over Johnny.