G.B.F. is a 2013 gay movie whose initials stand for Gay Best Friend. Brent and Tanner are both closeted gay friends attending North Gateway High School. The school has three teen girls who are the most popular and have formed cliques. Brent hatches a plan for popularity in which he will out himself at prom to become the girls' gay best friend. A gay best friend is a popular asset among girls according to magazines. One of the girls helps a gay club to find a gay student. Using a mobile phone app they track down Tanner who is forced to out himself before the school though reluctantly. Tanner is furious of Brent not outing himself also. Meanwhile the girls take time to make Tanner more of the stereotypical gay man. They believe it will help them in the race to prom queen. This film revolves around the journey to prom night and the hurdles each of them must face.


This is a 1985 gay film about two men in a Brazilian prison cell together. Valentin is in because of activities with a revolutionary group while Molina is in prison because of having sex with a boy who is a minor. Molina is gay and enjoys making up characters and films then narrates them to Valentin to help him relax. The two men get very close and eventually they make love. Molina is however being used by the Brazilian secret police to extract information from Valentin which can lead them to other revolutionary members. Molina has been promised parole for this. Valentin gives Molina some numbers to call when he goes on parole. Molina makes the calls and arranges meeting with some members of the revolutionary group. The secret police have however been following him secretly and a shoot out ensues. The members think Molina has betrayed them and they shoot him. He later dies from his wounds after refusing to give up the telephone numbers in exchange for medical help. A homophobic chief declares his body be dumped in a rubbish pit. Valentin is meanwhile being tortured for information in prison.


Parting Glances is a gay movie released in 1986. The film revolves around a gay couple Robert and Michael who are living in New York. Robert is leaving for a two year work assignment in Africa. He is leaving Michael behind. Michael is taking care of his ex-boyfriend Nick who is suffering from AIDS. This movie plays out in two parties within a twenty four hour period. One party is thrown by Robert's boss together with the wife while the last is by Joan who is an artist friend since Nick is also a fellow artist. The movies explores the gay culture of that period including topics such as AIDS which was by then at its climax especially among the gay community.


Cruising is a 1980 gay movie about a policeman who goes undercover to investigate the mysterious killing of gay men in New York. Officer Steve Burns resembles most of the victims showing up in the Hudson river with body parts missing. He is sent deep undercover into the gay world to catch the serial killer. He rents an apartment and befriends a gay playwright who is a neighbor. He compels police to interrogate a waiter but they end up coercing and beating him to get a confession. Burns believes that brutality is motivated by homophobia and almost quits the assignment. He goes after a gay music graduate who has a mental disorder but then Ted is killed when that suspect is in custody. Eventually this film suggests Steve might be the killer.


Macho Dancer is a Philippine gay film released in 1988. Paul is a handsome rural teenager who has been getting support from an American soldier with whom they have a gay relationship. When the soldier ends his tour of duty Paul is forced to move to the capital Manila to try his luck on advice from his friend Greg. Greg is a call boy and mentors Paul into the city lifestyle. Paul starts as a dancer but quickly goes into prostitution in order to adequately support himself and family. This occupation exposes Paul into a world of drugs, sexual exploitation, police corruption and murder.


This is a gay comedy film released in 1981. This gay movie is set in the 1840s. It starts in Madrid, Spain, where Don Diego is caught with someones wife in bed. Diego is able to fight the husband Garcia together with his five brothers using swords. Diego's mute servant gestures him a message from a letter the father sent requesting him to return to California which was still part of Mexico by then. They both jump from a high wall into a waiting carriage below and escape. They both arrive in Los Angeles only for Esteban who is Diego's childhood friend to break the sad news that Diego's dad died in a horse riding accident. Esteban is the acting alcalde and is later confirmed in an election. Diego inherits his father's Zorro black cape hat and sword. Esteban's leadership becomes unjust and so Diego takes the role of Zorro to fight for justice for the peasants. He however sprains his ankle and cannot deliver. He even gets captured by Esteban's administration. Diego's long lost twin brother Ramon comes to his rescue and takes over the role. Ramon is however very flamboyant, feminine and gay. Their dad had sent Ramon to the British Navy to make him a man. Ramon takes the role of Zorro but makes some very gay changes in clothing and tools. His clothing looks more flamboyantly gay and he insists on using a whip instead of a sword. This role of Zorro played by a flamboyantly gay man makes up most of the comedy in this film.


This is a 2004 gay movie about Bobby whose life has been tragic since childhood. Bobby lost his parents to illness and an older brother in an accident. In high school he meets Jonathan who is conservative and secretly gay. Bobby begins to frequent Jonathan's home and during sleepovers he is introduced to mutual masturbation. Jonathan's mother Alice once catches them masturbating in the car. Bobby learns to bake from Alice and eventually it lands him in New York where he finds Jonathan living with a lady named Clare. He moves in with them in their apartment. Jonathan plans to have a baby with Clare although he is openly gay. That plan is disrupted when Bobby and Clare start a relationship and she gets pregnant from Bobby. Jonathan eventually leaves them without saying. The three later reunite at Jonathan's father funeral. After the funeral they take the father's car back with them and decide to buy a house in New York. Bobby and Jonathan open a cafe there. Jonathan discovers a Kaposi's Sarcoma lesion in his groin and although Bobby convinces him it is a bruise many others continue to appear. Bobby commits to take care of Jonathan when it becomes clear he is suffering from AIDS. As Jonathan's will, Bobby promises to scatter his ashes in a field behind their home, the same place they did with Jonathan's father ashes.


Before Stonewall is not necessarily a gay movie but a 1984 gay documentary. This documentary gets its name from the Stonewall riots of 1969 in New York City. The Stonewall Inn was a gay bar in New York where the famous June 1969 riots against police harassment of the Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community took place. For the LGBT community this was the site of gay recognition and liberation. This documentary tells the story of gay life before the Stonewall riots. Through interviews with elderly activists and pictures, this documentary is able to give the history of the LGBT community prior to the Stonewall riots.


This is a 1997 gay movie about a group of Latin boys living Brooklyn. Justin is a photo assistant who has not had luck looking for the right gay man in clubs. Justin's cousin from Chicago, Angel, moves in and he begins developing gay sexual feelings towards him. Angel is however bisexual and has feelings for a beautiful lady named Andrea. Andrea's closest friend Braulio is involved with the unfaithful and sexually careless Carlos. Carlos makes advances at Justin and he eventually succumbs to them. When Braulio learns about the relationship between Justin and Carlos he becomes very jealous. His jealousy drives him to commit a violent revenge against his lover.