G.B.F. is a 2013 gay movie whose initials stand for Gay Best Friend. Brent and Tanner are both closeted gay friends attending North Gateway High School. The school has three teen girls who are the most popular and have formed cliques. Brent hatches a plan for popularity in which he will out himself at prom to become the girls' gay best friend. A gay best friend is a popular asset among girls according to magazines. One of the girls helps a gay club to find a gay student. Using a mobile phone app they track down Tanner who is forced to out himself before the school though reluctantly. Tanner is furious of Brent not outing himself also. Meanwhile the girls take time to make Tanner more of the stereotypical gay man. They believe it will help them in the race to prom queen. This film revolves around the journey to prom night and the hurdles each of them must face.