This is a 1985 gay film about two men in a Brazilian prison cell together. Valentin is in because of activities with a revolutionary group while Molina is in prison because of having sex with a boy who is a minor. Molina is gay and enjoys making up characters and films then narrates them to Valentin to help him relax. The two men get very close and eventually they make love. Molina is however being used by the Brazilian secret police to extract information from Valentin which can lead them to other revolutionary members. Molina has been promised parole for this. Valentin gives Molina some numbers to call when he goes on parole. Molina makes the calls and arranges meeting with some members of the revolutionary group. The secret police have however been following him secretly and a shoot out ensues. The members think Molina has betrayed them and they shoot him. He later dies from his wounds after refusing to give up the telephone numbers in exchange for medical help. A homophobic chief declares his body be dumped in a rubbish pit. Valentin is meanwhile being tortured for information in prison.