Querelle is a 1982 gay movie about a sailor by the name Georges Querelle. Querelle is also a murderer and thief. His ship arrives in Brest. He visits a bar and brothel run by Madame Lysiane. Lysiane's husband runs the illegal affairs in the bar such as prostitution with help from a corrupt police officer named Mario. To have sex with Lysiane, her husband Nono plays a game of dice. If Nono loses you can go ahead and sleep with his wife Lysiane. If you lose you have to submit to receptive anal sex from Nono. Querelle is somehow gay since he deliberately loses and submits himself to the homosexual act. Querelle has sex with Lysiane and also with Mario. Gil who is a murderer and hiding from the police is hired to kill Theo a coworker who has been harassing Querelle. Roger who is in love with Gil seeks Querelle to help Gil escape. Querelle falls in love with Gil and they have a homosexual affair. Querelle however betrays Gil to the police so that all the murders can be blamed on him. Meanwhile Querelle's senior Seblon falls reveals his gay compassion towards him.