This is a gay comedy film released in 1981. This gay movie is set in the 1840s. It starts in Madrid, Spain, where Don Diego is caught with someones wife in bed. Diego is able to fight the husband Garcia together with his five brothers using swords. Diego's mute servant gestures him a message from a letter the father sent requesting him to return to California which was still part of Mexico by then. They both jump from a high wall into a waiting carriage below and escape. They both arrive in Los Angeles only for Esteban who is Diego's childhood friend to break the sad news that Diego's dad died in a horse riding accident. Esteban is the acting alcalde and is later confirmed in an election. Diego inherits his father's Zorro black cape hat and sword. Esteban's leadership becomes unjust and so Diego takes the role of Zorro to fight for justice for the peasants. He however sprains his ankle and cannot deliver. He even gets captured by Esteban's administration. Diego's long lost twin brother Ramon comes to his rescue and takes over the role. Ramon is however very flamboyant, feminine and gay. Their dad had sent Ramon to the British Navy to make him a man. Ramon takes the role of Zorro but makes some very gay changes in clothing and tools. His clothing looks more flamboyantly gay and he insists on using a whip instead of a sword. This role of Zorro played by a flamboyantly gay man makes up most of the comedy in this film.