Nicolas and Dani is a 2000 coming of age gay movie about two teenage friends. Nico and Dani are both 17 years old. Dani's parents are leaving for a tour. Dani has invited Nicolas over at their beach house to spend the summer while their parents are away. Nicolas is very interested in girls and even tries to flirt with one in the train. Nicolas arrives and the two immediately head to fishing. On their way they meet Elena who is Dani's friend. She convinces them to come over to the bar where her younger cousin Berta is. Nico is more than willing and they abandon fishing. At the bar Dani orders Baileys while Nico gets beer. Later that night as Nico and Dani talk about the girls they get erections and end up engaging in mutual masturbation or krampack in Spanish.  Nico tells Dani not to order for Baileys next time. Elena and Berta come next day to pick the duo so that they can swim at the beach. Nico is very interested and Dani follows along even though that was not part of the plan. Nico and Elena strike a relationship but Dani seems not interested in Berta. Later that night they go for a beach party. Later that night Nico and Dani engage in mutual masturbation. Dani does Nico fellatio. Nico makes plans with the girls to come over for a night. He tells Dani to get condoms and while at the store trying to see which to get Dani is met by Julian. Julian is a gay writer who is a friend to Dani's dad. Later that night the girls come over dressed well. Nico invites them in also dressed well. Dani is anxious and takes Valium. Nico mixes drugs and puts them in the drinks to get them high. They get high and Nico begins making out with Elena. Berta does not feel well and goes to sleep. Dani follows him and begins to undress her. He tries to have sex with her but cannot because he has no feelings towards her. He goes to the sitting room where he finds Nico and Elena making out. He begins to touch Nico and proposes they have a krampack then later a threesome. Berta comes into the sitting room feeling unwell and Elena decides to take her home. Nico is very disappointed by the lost opportunity to lose his virginity and blames Dani for it. Nico explains that he is fed up with masturbating and wants real sex. Dani gets Nico to have anal sex with him. After penetrating Dani, Nico refuses to be penetrated citing exhaustion and headache. Dani's attraction to Nico grows even more. Nico finds it odd and tries to avoid Dani. Elena calls and Dani lies to Nico that it was Marianne the lady who comes to cook for them. Elena comes next day to confront Nico about not being around not knowing Dani lied. Elena and Nico make plans to have sex at a cabin by the beach. Dani has made plans to fix a telescope to watch the sky with Nico not knowing he has to go see Elena. Dani is upset of not being made aware and leaves with his bike angry. He meets Elena heading to the cabin and tries to convince her Nico is gay in order to dissuade her from having sex with him. It does not work and he moves on where he meets Berta. Berta wants Dani to take her to their house and get intimate but Dani is rude and uninterested. Dani later meets Julian who invites him over but he goes. Meanwhile Nico and Elena meet and have sexual intercourse. Dani goes to Julian's place where he meets his tutor Sonia with two other strangers. Dani gets high and drinks even though Sonia warns Julian that he is a minor. Nico leaves the cabin and finds Dani's bike outside Julian's house. He peeps and sees Dani sick from the drinking. Nico goes on home and waits for Dani the next day. Dani tries to seduce Julian. When Julian finally comes around he leaves abruptly without saying. Nico who has been looking for Dani all day is more than glad to see him. The two friends make up again and engage in their usual outdoor activities as they have always. Nico later leaves for home in Barcelona and asks Berta who already has a crush on him to give Elena a message.