The Big Gay Musical is a 2009 gay themed musical comedy. Eddie and Paul begin previews of an Off-Broadway musical titled Adam & Steve: Just the Way God Made 'Em. Their true lives are similar to those of the characters in the play. Paul is looking for the perfect man whilst Eddie is conflicted between his faith and homosexuality. Paul's boyfriend accuses him of being HIV positive even though that is not true. Out of that Paul decides he is done dating and now want to be promiscuous or be a slut as he puts it. He turns to the internet dating sites but he finds it hard to even have a one night stand. Meanwhile Eddie comes out to his parents and they are appalled by his homosexuality. They decide to attend the musical even though it calls the bible "breeder's informational book of living examples" which is very contrary to their christian believes. Meanwhile Paul starts to notice a fan who is in love with him and at the end of the musical's opening night they begin dating. Watching the show Eddie's parents realize they might have judged their son too harshly and accept him for who he is. Eddie also accepts the fact that he is gay and there is no way to change it. He makes up with his parents during the show's opening night.