This is a 2003 coming of age gay movie about an introverted teen named Duncan Mudge. Duncan has just lost his mother to a heart attack and now left with his father Edgar. Duncan is starting to behave weird. He carries and sleeps with a chicken who he associated with his late mother. He puts on his mother's clothing even to bed and imitates her voice. The local kids find him weird and isolate him. This changes when he starts to buy beer for the group. One of the group members Perry is fond of Duncan and even defends him from guys who make fun of him. Duncan is effeminate and his father does not like it. The father is forced to even burn all the late mother's clothing and force Duncan into hard work to make him a man. Meanwhile Duncan's relationship with Perry grows closer and one day Perry forces him into anal and oral sex in their garage. Duncan likes it and tries to turn this into a full relationship. To Perry this was a mistake one night stand. He realizes Duncan is actually gay and shoves him off violently. Perry tells the other friend and they abuse and bully Duncan for his homosexuality. Duncan bites off the head of his chicken in the process. He is greatly upset and returns home crying where his father hags him asking what happened.