This is a year 2000 gay movie about Jared Price. Jared is a 19 year old boy from Georgia who moves to Los Angeles to seek a new life. He finds a youth hostel to stay in. He shares a room with Javier who is a male prostitute. Javier uses the room at night to entertain his clients. Jared finds a job which entails taking care of Mrs. Haines  who is blind. The son Matthew got his mother a caretaker because he prefers to be away most of the time. Jared is having a hard time at the hostel as he is locked out of the room while Javier services his clients. He meets Robert from the next room who offers him a place for the night. After a brief walk and conversation Robert kisses Jared. Jared runs out realizing Robert is gay. Mrs. Haines' son Matthew is gay. His sexual intimacy with Andrew the boyfriend is dwindling. He keeps telling Andrew to try something new. Matthew tells Jared to take up a room at Mrs. Haines house so he can look after her at night. Jared agrees. The night he moves in Matthew gets him drunk and they have sex in the room. They do not know Mrs. Haines knows what is happening. Jared does not know Matthew has a boyfriend and he is shocked when introduced to Andrew. Matthew takes them out and later to a room to have a threesome. Andrew and Jared are not willing. Jared decides to move out. Mrs. Haines makes it clear to Matthew that he knows his relationship with Jared. He orders her son to leave Jared alone so as not to break his heart. Mrs. Haines gives Jared an envelope full of cash. Jared goes to Robert's place where they move in together and start a relationship.