Like It Is is a gay themed British romantic drama released in 1998. The movie is about the gay relationship between Craig and Matt. Craig is a young man who lives in his mother's house in Blackpool together with his brother Tony. Craig earns his money by engaging in bare knuckle fights as people who have bet their money cheer along. Matt works for a music production company and is their best music promoter.
Matt is at a club promoting Paula's song. Paula is also his flatmate. He leaves the club and Craig spots him and follows behind. They sit together and start chatting. Craig decides to take Matt home. At home he wants to engage in receptive anal sex with Matt. Matt hesitates but Craig insists. Craig hands him a condom. Craig can however not bare the pain since it is his first time doing such a thing. He stands up cursing and asks Matt to leave. Matt leaves his contact then goes.
Minto the rich man who sponsors Craig's fights thinks he has not been getting a formidable foe. They plan to make him fight with Terry Quinnell who is still in prison but about to be released. Craig complains he a psycho and refuses. Tony has been trying to get Craig out of the fights but he has refused. Craig has also been to prison before.
Back at his flat Matt talks to his flatmate Paula about Craig. She tells him he will meet someone else. She wants him to concentrate on promoting her song to number one on the charts.
One day as Matt and Paula are walking back to the house they find Craig outside waiting. Matt is shocked and he introduces him to Paula. Matt invites him into the house and he spends the night.
Matt takes Craig to a gay bar. He gives him a pill which gets him wild and dancing. He leaves Craig on the dance hall.  Craig begins to get into fights with people around. Matt spots the commotion and takes Craig out. Outside the club Craig finds a car whose door is left unlocked. He hot wires it and asks Matt to jump in if he wants to be with him. They drive off. In the morning Craig drives by a lakeside. He removes his clothes and they have sex. This time Matt manages to penetrate him.
At work Matt has obligations to meet. Kelvin the owner of the company wants him to promote ZKC a music group of 3 boys into top ten in the charts. In return Matt will go and manage a club Kelvin is opening.
Craig gets work in Stockwell at Matt's friend club. He however gets into a confrontation with some heterosexual revelers complaining about homosexuals and hurling insults at him. He beats one of them. Matt is called from the studio as he is working on ZKC's music video. He leaves to go pick Craig. He confronts him about the violent behavior which cost him a job.
Kelvin is upset of Matt leaving the studio to go pick up Craig. He proposes they find Craig something to do. He proposes Craig join the Northern Research team to promote Paula's and ZKC's music. Kelvin also invites Craig for his party that Saturday. On Saturday Matt leaves Craig to have fun at the party after Kelvin promises to get him a taxi. Craig however gets too drunk and goes to bed with Jamie one of the ZKC members. In the morning he can barely remember what happened. Kelvin gives him the car keys and cash to go to Leeds and begin one immediately. Matt is upset Craig never came back to his house but slept at Kelvin's. Craig is also upset that he slept out but Kelvin promises he will smooth things out with Matt.
Craig tries to call Matt while away working but Paula never delivers his messages. Paula does not like Craig because she thinks his relationship with Matt is affecting productivity.
Craig comes back on the day Matt is organizing Paula and ZKC's concert. He confronts Craig about sleeping with Jamie but they later reconcile. Matt is called out and leaves Craig in the room alone. Kelvin comes in and finds Craig alone. He tells him the work is over. He pays him his dues and asks for the car keys. Craig runs off to find Matt. He finds him kissing with Jamie high on cocaine. He runs off as Matt tries to reach him. He asks Matt to leave with him. Matt refuses fearing for his job. Craig goes back to Blackpool.
At Blackpool Craig goes to Minto and confirms the fight with Terry Quinnell. Kelvin comforts Matt that Craig was too much trouble than he was worth. Craig begins training for his fight.
Matt has delivered his end of the deal with Kelvin. He gets to manage the club. At its opening he confronts Paula for not delivering Craig's messages. He also gets into another confrontation with Kelvin and decides to leave before the opening. He heads to Blackpool to look for Craig. He finds Tony who is Craig's brother at the house. Tony invites him in. Tony is shocked to find out his brother Craig is gay. They search for Craig for 2 days then find him on the day of his fight at the venue. Craig refuses to cancel the fight. They decide to wait outside for the fight to end. Craig is beaten badly by Quinnell. He however bet against himself and is paid. He can barely speak but he tells Matt that they can now begin afresh. Matt and Tony carry him to hospital.


Burning Blue is a 2013 gay movie about the forbidden homosexual relationship between two USA navy pilots.
William Stephensen and Daniel Lynch crush their military plane in the sea at night. William was in charge of the plane and the crush was due to his failing eye sight especially at night. Daniel promises to lie he was the one flying it so that William is not found to be unfit to fly. They both want to get into the USA Airforce Test Pilot School, TPS. This will be their ladder into the space program.
Five years later William and Daniel have managed to stay through and are now flying on an aircraft carrier. At Souda Bay, Crete the navy men are out partying all night and drinking. Stewart Kelleher drinks too much that night. The next morning he looks bad to fly and Skipper proposes he does not. He goes on to fly and crushes the plane in the ocean while taking off from the aircraft carrier. This being a second accident headquarters sends John Cokely as a civilian to do a safety study as the ship heads to New York.
In New York Daniel and William plan to meet later in the city. Daniel is however taken on a tour of the city by Matthew Blackwood. They have been having gay feelings for each other for some time now.
In New York that night Daniel and Matthew attend a gay club. They are spotted by petty officer Gorden dancing bare chest together.
Back in the carrier good news comes that Daniel and William have managed to get into TPS. The news are however short lived as William is told his father is in hospital after suffering a heart attack. Daniel is also having problems in his relationship with girlfriend Nancy. Nancy does not know Daniel is actually gay. They later part ways.
Daniel shows up in William's party without Nancy. Matthew comes with his girlfriend Tammie. John Cokely is outside doing surveillance on them. Daniel leaves for his quarters and Cokely follows him. Later Matthew arrives at Daniel's house alone. Cokely takes photos of them. Matthew tells Daniel that he made a commitment to Tammie and that he wants their gay relationship to end. Daniel is upset.
Cokely questions petty officer Gorden about what he saw in the gay club. He informs Cokely that he saw Daniel and Matthew dancing in a gay manner. Meanwhile a private doctor informs William that his night vision is not good still.
Matthew comes at William's house where Daniel is alone taking care of their child. Matthew informs Daniel that a TPS spot opened up and that they could be together now. Daniel tells him he is going on tour and they will not be meeting. Matthew is upset and even tells Daniel he broke up with Tammie because of their gay relationship. They both kiss.
John Cokely informs Skipper that a gay cell is affecting the cohesion of the group. Skipper is upset and dismisses it as a rumor. He even goes ahead to question John's jurisdiction calling him a civilian who is only there for safety study. He is shocked when Cokely pulls out a badge and introduces himself as an NCIS  special agent. Skipper informs Matthew that he will have to write something about his girlfriend or wife to qualify him into TPS.
Matthew dies in a jet crush while flying with Charlie and Williamson in formation. At his funeral Daniel comes out to William and his wife Susan about his gay relationship with Matthew. Daniel is taken by special agent Cokely for further interrogation. There it is revealed their bailout with Williamson is being expunged until further investigation. One of the agents calls him a faggot and he becomes rowdy and handcuffed.
At a hearing about his conduct Daniel finds his father Admiral Lynch and another friendly Admiral. They ask him to sign that his homosexual conduct was a one off event and that Matthew coerced him. This will let them be able to get him back into the Navy. Daniel refuses and says he will resign leaving them shocked. He then goes to William's house to deliver a birthday present for the son. He gets into a confrontation with William who also calls him a faggot. William then tells him sobbing that he left him and he might now be done flying.
The don't ask, don't tell policy was adopted by the USA military in 1993 requiring gay, lesbian and bisexual soldiers to hide their sexual orientation in order to serve without harassment or pursue. The policy was repealed by President Barack Obama in 2011.


Raw Love is a 2008 Argentinian gay short movie. The original Spanish title is Amor Crudo. 
The movie is about the relationship between two boys Ivan and Jeremias on their last days in high school. Ivan is an ordinary looking handsome boy. He plays soccer with his friends. They are recording last messages of themselves on a video camera. Ivan records a message telling girls to call him promising to make them reach sexual climax three times a minute. 
Ivan is good friends with Jeremias who is now staying over at their house. Jeremias is feminine looking and soft spoken. Jeremias is in love with Ivan who seems not to notice it. They share the same bed and sometimes Jeremias masturbates Ivan. Jeremias cannot seem to concentrate even in class. He is thinking about the good times they had with Ivan and now their eventual parting. One day after an overnight party Jeremias asks Ivan if he loves him. Ivan answers yes of course because they are friends. Jeremias expected Ivan to realize he was asking if he loves him even sexually. Ivan's mother says her son is very handsome. She keeps asking Jeremias if Ivan has a girlfriend for which he says they broke up.
On the last day in school Jeremias waits at the door for Ivan to finish his examination. Ivan finishes and meets him outside. Jeremias asks Ivan to stay around longer but he asks why. Ivan does not realize Jeremias is in love with his and so he wants them to stick together. Ivan leaves and Jeremias looks on sadly from the school corridors and he goes away.


Homophobia is a 2012 gay short film. The movie is about Michael Fuhrreder a very young private in the military. Their unit composed of mostly young men like him is on border patrol for several weeks. Michael is gay. He has also been having gay related dreams. Some of the other boys have noted his sexual orientation and have been teasing him.
One day in the shower Jurgen plays a practical joke on Michael. He holds his hands backwards to prevent him moving then asks a colleague to open the cold tap of the shower claiming it will wake him up. Michael pushes Jurgen to the floor and goes to the lockers. Jurgen follows him there and begins to claim he has noticed how Michael looks at them in the shower. He places his chin on Michael's shoulder then begins to caress him saying he must like it. He asks if he penetrates him. All this time Michael is quiet still probably enjoying it. Jurgen then moves back after confirming he loves it. He asks Michael to die then knocks his head on the locker.
The commanding officer asks Michael about the injury above his eye but he refuses to reveal the truth. He claims he slipped from the bathroom. The officer does not agree completely but dismisses him.
It is their last night on border patrol. Michael has been put together with Raphael. Michael takes the first turn awake as Raphael sleeps in the tent. Michael is attracted to Raphael and goes to lie by the tent leaving his rifle in the cold night snow.
Raphael later wakes up and lights a cigarette and begins to talk with Micheal. Raphael says he wants to go back home after this last day on duty and meet his mother. He wants to stay at home and do nothing. Michael says he will not be going to his previous company but will go run their farm. Raphael jokes he might have to get a farm wife with big tits. Raphael talk about his girlfriend Melanie. He reveals he has never been with a girl in bed and does not know how it will be. He jokes that they might be both unknowingly gay. He goes on to add that Michael will be the girl giving him oral sex if they were gay.
Raphael sucks in cigarette smoke and asks Michael to stand. He places his hands enclosed over his mouth and asks Michael to breath in deep as he blows in the smoke. This gets Michael dizzy and they both get their heads close together. Michael tries to kiss Raphael who quickly shoves him shouting he is not gay. Michael picks his gun and begins going away. Raphael tries to reach him but he points the gun at him. Raphael begs Michael to put it down but he cocks it and places the barrel in him mouth. He sobs that he is tired of being teased a faggot and made fun of. He wants to commit suicide. Raphael manages to calm him down and take the rifle. He comforts him as he sobs on the snow.


This is a French gay movie based on the 1943 book Les amitiés particulières by Roger Peyrefitte. Georges de Sarre is admitted at the Saint Claude Institute a strict Roman catholic boarding school for boys. He has been an excellent scholar even in his former school. He meets Lucien de Rouvere a fellow form 2 and they become friends. They also sleep side by side in the dormitory. He learns that Lucien and another boy Andre Ferron are in a homosexual relationship. To further confirm it he finds a love letter from Ferron in Lucien's book. He confesses about the letter to the father and letter leaves it together with other mail where it is discovered by the school administration. Andre is expelled and Lucien is left crying and very sad. Georges tries to comfort Lucien who does not know what really happened for Andre to be expelled. He never gets to know of Georges' involvement.
At Christmas mass Georges spots the boy carrying the lamb. He gets immediately infatuated by him. In the train leaving for holidays he sees the boy and follows him. He helps him get an object off his eye. The boy is introduced to him as Alexandre Motier.
Georges keeps his grades up and is eventually admitted into the academy. He is still in love with Alexandre who is much younger. Lucien knows this. He shows Georges a secluded place at the greenhouse where they used to meet with Andre. Georges begins meeting with Alexandre there often where they talk and exchange love letters.
Georges and Lucien are still sleeping next to each other in the dormitory. One night father Trennes finds them talking. He asks them to come into his room facing the dormitory. Once in the room he offers them cigarettes and drinks and talks to them about their confessions. Father Trennes seems to know both Lucien and Georges are gay. He also seems to have homosexual feelings towards the boys.
Alexandre is caught with a love letter. He is taken to father superior but he denies it was meant for anybody. He insists he got the script from a book. The father does not believe it and puts him on punishment. Georges learns of this and goes to see father superior. He makes up a lie saying the letter was meant for him and that Alexandre wrote it as an appreciation for help to join the academy. Father supreme believes it and lets the issue go. Meanwhile Alexandre cuts his arm and asks Georges to lick his blood and vice versa. This is meant to be a pact to bind them for life.
Father Trennes comes to Georges' bed one night and informs him that he knows about the relationship with Alexandre. Trennes informs Georges that he might be Alexandre's confessor very soon. Father Trennes then goes and wakes up another boy who he calls to his room. Georges runs off to father superior's room and knocks then slips a paper with a message under the door. He runs off and father superior finds nobody outside but reads the paper. Father superior heads to father Trennes room where he finds him in the company of the boy. He orders the boy out and father Trennes is asked not to report back after Easter. In the morning father Trennes calls Georges and informs him about the dismissal. He knows Georges called father superior and just wanted to confirm.
It is now third semester and Georges is still meeting Alexandre at their secret location. Alexandre asks Georges what he should get him on his birthday July 15. Georges insists nothing and Alexandre accepts. Father Lauzon finds them smoking and in a suggestive position inside the secret location. He orders them out and does not want to hear any excuses. Georges is overwhelmed by guilt and goes to see father Lauzon. He confesses about their affair. Father asks him not to come back next semester. Father Lauzon also informs Alexandre about this. Alexandre would rather be also expelled than lose Georges. He informs Georges that they might have to expel Alexandre. Georges pleads for Alexandre to remain in school. Father Lauzon asks him to hand all the letters Alexandre wrote him. Father Lauzon informs Georges that they are going to meet in his office after prize giving which is also the closing day where they are both going to hand over all their letters.
On prize giving day Georges gets the first prize. The cardinal is in attendance including his parents. He goes over to father Lauzon's office after the ceremony and leaves Alexandre's letters on his desk then runs off into their car. Father Lauzon sees him leaving in the car. Alexandre comes in and father Lauzon convinces him that Georges wants their relationship to end and shows him the letters he left behind. Alexandre is very sad.
On the train back home in the company of father Lauzon Alexander is quiet and still very sad. He goes out and removes Georges' letters from his pocket and tears them up. He throws out the pieces. He then goes ahead to commit suicide by jumping off the train at a bridge.
Georges learns of the news with much sadness. Father Lauzon tries to comfort him to no avail. Father Lauzon hands him the letters from Alexandre which he had placed on the desk. Georges hands him the last letter he wrote for Alexandre but never delivered it. He asks him to make sure he reads it.


Watercolors is a 2008 gay themed coming of age movie. It starts off with Danny in an art exhibition where he is selling paintings. His boyfriend is asking him why he is so sad as though it is a funeral despite them agreeing on selling the paintings. The film takes as back to Danny's teenage years to explain his situation.
Danny liked painting since childhood. In school he attended painting class. He lives with his mother Miriam who is a therapist at an alcoholics anonymous group. While in the AA group he meets Stephen who is a single father. His son Carter has problems with discipline in school. He asks Miriam to look after Carter while he is off to a business trip. He cannot leave Carter alone because he is on suspension after misbehavior in school. Carter is in the school's swimming team.
Danny comes back home from school and finds Carter reading one of his gay magazines. He gets it from him. Carter asks Danny to take a walk with him. He already knows Danny is gay. Later Danny goes to get Carter from the swimming pool. Carter forces him in and shows him how to float. They go back home where Danny tries to tutor Carter English. Carter kisses Danny on the cheek before going to sleep. At night Danny cannot sleep and pulls Carter's sheets off and begins to do a sketch of him without clothes as he sleeps. The two grow fond of each other over the days. Carter teaches Danny to smoke weed. The two eventually have sex.
Sunday comes and Carter is now ready to go back home. He tells Danny that they cannot be seen together in school as it will make him get teased even more especially by Henry a swimming teammate. Back at school Carter is struggling to maintain a C average grade to keep him in the swimming team. Danny had promised to write his essay to give him better grades. Carter's father Stephen is not supportive of his son's swimming. He fears Carter's seizures might return and ruin his swimming and so he insists on more concentration in academics. This brings Carter and his dad at loggerheads all the time.
One day while sketching Carter, Danny reveals to him that he might be falling in love. Carter insists that he should stop taking it too seriously. The two begin to spend more time together after school and the rest of the school notices. One day Carter finds his locker vandalized by homophobic graffiti. Carter gets upset and misses the class. Danny notices and knows there is trouble. As he leaves for home Henry and two other boys accost him and beat him up. Carter is very upset to see Danny all swollen on the face when he visits him. Danny rejects his mother's attempts to file a police report. He instead misses class to talk with the mother. He reveals to her that he got beaten because he is gay and that him and Carter were in a relationship which led to sex. The mother reacts calmly to the news.
Carter is upset the coach placed Henry in the 200 meters freestyle and gave him the 100 meters. The 200 meters is his best but the coach insists that Henry has better endurance. Carter confronts Henry to leave Danny alone but all he does is tease him even more. Carter has been taking drugs to get sleep and the coach warns him about it even though he lies.
Stephen, Miriam and Danny attend the swimming competition at Los Angeles Swimming Stadium. Carter is nervous and he does a false start but is allowed back in the race with a warning. He comes second overall in the race which upsets him including the coach. Danny tries to approach him one day at a basketball court and he chases him off violently. Things get worse when the teacher discovers Danny did Carter's essay. This gets Carter a fail and he is consequently thrown out of the swimming team. Carter blames Danny for all these miseries and wants nothing to do with him.
Carter suffers a seizure just after picking his lunch in the school cafeteria. The paramedics take him to Sagmore General Hospital. Danny visits him. He reveals to Danny that his toxicology report showed he was abusing drugs and so he will never be allowed to compete in swimming anywhere. He is also being sent by social services to juvenile rehabilitation. Danny tries to comfort him but he chases him off again. Danny lets him know that he hurt him more than Henry ever did and leaves.
At school an announcement over the public address system breaks the news that Carter was found dead early that morning. Danny cannot believe it and he faints in class. Back at home he cannot get sleep due to nightmares. Miriam reminds him he also had them when his dad died.
Now as an adult this memory of Carter still haunts Danny. His boyfriend insists Danny does not pay any attention to him. They have gone to therapy where Danny was advised to get rid of Carter's paintings so that he can begin healing. During the exhibition to sell them off Danny is still sad.
The quote of this movie is "love is so short, forgetting is so long" by Pablo Neruda.