Jongens is a 2014 gay TV movie. Jongens is the original Dutch title with the English title being Boys. Jongens means boys in Dutch. The film is about a gay relationship between two teenage boys in a relay team.
Sieger and Stef are best friends. They are both racetrack athletes. They perform well and the coach picks them to join Marc and Tom in the junior team B team.
At home Sieger's dad is proud of his son's achievement as an athlete. Sieger's brother Eddy is a trouble maker since their mother died in a motorcycle accident. His dad does not like him using motor bikes probably because of their mother's accident.
One day all the four teammates decide to go swimming at a river after training. Marc is wild and jumps in first with his clothes. Sieger is attracted to Marc. Stef, Tom and Sieger prepare to leave but Marc is not in a hurry. He tries to persuade Sieger to remain with him in the river. Sieger rides his bike and Tom and Stef later take their own ways home. He decides not to go home and returns to the river where he finds Marc alone. They play together and later kiss intimately. While leaving Sieger tells Marc that he is not gay.
One day Stef and Sieger find Eddy's motocross field in the woods. Eddy asks Sieger not to tell their father. Stef spot some girls they had earlier seen. He talks to them and picks one. Sieger picks the other girl and they go for a walk in the woods. Sieger is not as comfortable with a girl as Stef who is already kissing her.
The coach takes takes the team to a training camp. At night Sieger cannot get sleep. He wakes up and Marc follows him into the night. They both ride on one bicycle through the woods to an isolated spot where they kiss. They later run to the beach where they continue with their intimacy. They go back to their dormitory in the dark. Stef sees them coming in and is suspicious.
When they get back home Stef goes to pick Sieger to attend a fun fair. In his company is two girls. One his girlfriend and the other Jessica who is supposed to be Sieger's girlfriend. At the fan fair Marc shows up to find Jessica and Sieger together. He watches jealously as Jessica kisses Sieger.
Sieger's homosexuality is creating tension in him. At training he is not doing well. Coach warns him about his performance. After training they agree with Marc to go swimming that night.
Eddy gets into a confrontation with his father who has hidden his motorbike. Eddy tells him he wishes he were dead and goes away. Sieger goes looking for him at the motocross track. Eddy shows up driving a car and asks Sieger to come in together with other girls. Sieger agrees but on their way they almost hit someone on a bicycle. It turns out it is Marc on his way to meet Sieger. Sieger leaves the car and asks Marc to get off the road. Marc asks about their meeting plans but Sieger violently pushes him and goes back into the car. They drive off but Sieger gets out a few minutes later and goes back home.
In the morning coach comes to pick Sieger for the relay championships. Sieger's father informs him that Eddy was arrested for joy riding and they might not make it to the event. Sieger leaves in the coach's car with Tom, Stef and Marc inside. The tension between Marc and Sieger who are relay partners is evident and Stef notices it. Sieger apologizes to Marc on arrival.
Eddy and his father manage to come for the event after clearing with the police. Sieger is tense. Marc makes a good run and passes the button to Sieger who runs ahead to win. Despite the win Sieger is absent minded looking at Marc. At home his father organizes a meal of Chinese food to celebrate Sieger's gold medal. Stef is present but notices Sieger's mind is not there. Eddy receives a motorbike present from his father who asks Sieger if he is okay. Sieger answers no then runs off with the motorbike. He picks Marc and they both ride on it together into the night.