Raw Love is a 2008 Argentinian gay short movie. The original Spanish title is Amor Crudo. 
The movie is about the relationship between two boys Ivan and Jeremias on their last days in high school. Ivan is an ordinary looking handsome boy. He plays soccer with his friends. They are recording last messages of themselves on a video camera. Ivan records a message telling girls to call him promising to make them reach sexual climax three times a minute. 
Ivan is good friends with Jeremias who is now staying over at their house. Jeremias is feminine looking and soft spoken. Jeremias is in love with Ivan who seems not to notice it. They share the same bed and sometimes Jeremias masturbates Ivan. Jeremias cannot seem to concentrate even in class. He is thinking about the good times they had with Ivan and now their eventual parting. One day after an overnight party Jeremias asks Ivan if he loves him. Ivan answers yes of course because they are friends. Jeremias expected Ivan to realize he was asking if he loves him even sexually. Ivan's mother says her son is very handsome. She keeps asking Jeremias if Ivan has a girlfriend for which he says they broke up.
On the last day in school Jeremias waits at the door for Ivan to finish his examination. Ivan finishes and meets him outside. Jeremias asks Ivan to stay around longer but he asks why. Ivan does not realize Jeremias is in love with his and so he wants them to stick together. Ivan leaves and Jeremias looks on sadly from the school corridors and he goes away.