This is a 1988 gay movie based on a novel. An Australian senator goes to Saint Michael's private school for boys to check out a boy he has been told about. The senator is secretly gay and a member of the everlasting secret family which is a secret homosexual group. The school boy is picked by a driver from school and admitted to the club. He becomes the senator's lover. Their relationship continues until the boy finishes school. After school the boy moves into an apartment with the senator. The driver scares the boy lover when he tells him that eventually he will be old and made a driver. The boy lover does not want to believe he will take on another lower role. The lover goes to meet a judge who is also a gay member of the secret family. The judge has the contacts of a doctor who specializes in making people look younger. The lover asks the judge for the doctor's contacts so that he can accept sex with him. The judge obliges but dies later on during a BDSM session with the boy. The boy goes to the doctor and asks him to maintain the young looks he has. The doctor does it but warns it might rebound in future. The senator is forced to marry in order to maintain a good public image. The boy lover is sad he now has to move out and live with the wife. Eric lies to the wife that the boy is his friend. The boy gets depressed in the lone apartment. He drinks too much and brings awkward gay men. The senator decides to employ him to take care of their son although it is a disguise so that the wife will not suspect. The boy however manages to stay employed and looking young all the years until their son is post puberty. The senator's wife is not happy how the boy lover is close to her son. She tries by all means to have the boy sacked and away from his son but fails. She eventually gets to know the husband is gay and that the so called maid was his lover. The son is also having a homosexual affair with the husband's lover. The son is eventually admitted into the secret family also.


This is episode 5 of season 4 in the TV Series CBS Schoolbreak Special which aired on 31 March 1987. This gay episode is about Todd who is a high school student and the captain of the soccer team. Kirk finds Todd with a magazine containing pictures of men with no clothes on. Kirk and Allen laugh about it but Todd is upset of the discovery. Todd becomes insecure and begins behaving awkward even towards his girlfriend Debra. Kirk later discovers that Todd is gay and that is why he has been uncomfortable since Kirk and Allen saw the magazine. He confronts it about it and asks him to stay off. Allen goes to talk to Todd who is now depressed because news of his homosexuality have gone round the school. Todd comes out to Allen accepting that he is gay but does not know how to handle it. Mr. Powell a biology teachers offers to talk to him after seeing the teasing he is going through in school. Debra confronts him on why he dated her whilst he knew he was gay. He answers he wanted to be normal. Todd asks his father if he ever knew a homosexual. His father answers the very first was in high school who had to transfer because of mistreatment by other students. Todd however does not tell his dad why he asked. Todd talks to Mr. Powell about his feelings. Mr. Powell advises him to see a psychologist who can help him deal with his emotions. Todd also confronts his childhood friend Kirk about alienating him because he is now gay. He tells Kirk that being gay is not a disease. Todd later remembers some advice from Allen which says "you can't be happy if you can't be yourself".


Same Difference is a 2002 short gay movie. Noel and Leon are twin brothers both who play rugby in the same team. Abi a cute girl who likes to photograph them as they play has a crush on Noel. Noel does not respond to her approaches. His brother Leon is interested in Abi and asks the brother why he does not go for her. Noel insists he is seeing someone else by the name Dominic. Leon thinks Dominic must be another of Noel's girl friends. He once jokes to Noel if he met the so called Dominic in a chat room. During their 17th birthday a party is thrown and Abi is present. Abi takes Noel for a dance but when she tries to kiss him he runs off. Leon approaches Noel to ask about that incident. Noel turns around and begins kissing another boy who he later tells Leon is Dominic. Abi runs off upset while Leon frowns. Noel and Dominic go outside holding each other. Leon jumps into the sea to commit suicide now knowing his brother is gay. Noel notices just in time to jump in and save him.


This is a 1997 gay movie about a group of gay friends who go to visit and stay with a friend in a secluded upcountry lake house. Gregory is the owner of the old house which is by now an art antique. Gregory is a choreographer who is dating Bobby a blind young gay man. Arthur and Perry who have been dating for years. John and his good looking boyfriend Ramon. Then there is Buzz a flamboyant HIV positive gay man. They all spend Memorial Day, July Fourth and Labor Day at Gregory's secluded house. During their stay their lives unravel in unique ways. Ramon falls for blind Bobby and seduces him into sex to Gregory's disappointment. John brings his twin brother James who is dying from AIDS on the July Fourth holiday. James bonds well with everyone especially Buzz who they share the same HIV predicament. John a pianist of British descent always has a bad mood. Ramon is good looking and young but keeps seducing Bobby into sex.


This is a 2009 gay short film about Saleem a student at University of Leeds. Saleem goes cruising for gay sex in the city after leaving classes. He uses a map to find his way around as he is new there and of Asian descent probably India. He spots a man looking at him in the dark. He hesitates but follows him anyway. In a secluded street corner the stranger begins his sexual advance but Saleem is still hesitant. He pulls Saleem's pants down and begins kissing him on the stomach. Saleem runs off scared. The stranger realizes Saleem left his bag and chases after him with it. He catches up with him and tries to ask him his name. Saleem shrugs him off. He however manages to write his contacts on a piece of paper and introduce himself as Daz. Saleem takes the paper and runs off home. Saleem however returns to Daz's apartments where he is let into the room. He asks Daz to kiss him but he still hesitates with fear. Daz slowly orientates him to his sexual advances and eventually Saleem gets comfortable. Daz penetrates Saleem as they have sex. Saleem later sleeps off and Daz finds his wallet which has cash and an international student identification card showing his name as Saleem Al-Hamed. Daz is very glad to know his name and begins caressing him as he calls the name. In the morning Saleem is scared he slept off and is in a hurry. He tells Daz that it won't work. Daz insists he wants to see him again. Saleem runs off the building even though he stops to look up at Daz as he leaves. Daz is happy he did look back.


The Mountain King is a 2000 gay short movie. A man is by the beach reading a novel. Out of nowhere another man comes and seats next to him and offers a cigarette. He refuses. The stranger removes his clothes and runs into the sea saying he does not know how to swim. He stops reading the novel when he notices he cannot see him in the water. He goes into the sea to save him but he finds out it was a prank to get him into the water. The stranger takes him to a beach house which he claims belongs to a friend. They begin talking and the stranger says he is a gay prostitute. He says he started hustling at 16 years. He wants to leave the beach house claiming he is staying with a girl friend at the ocean park. The hustler seduces him and they end up having sex. He asks him for 40 bucks afterwards as payment. He is shocked but gives it to him. He goes and buys cocaine which they both later take. The dance high then jump into the swimming pool. He asks the gay hustler for more sex. The hustler asks him to give another 40 bucks but he says he has only five left. The hustler complains he feels sore from the previous penetration. He offers for the hustler to penetrate him. In the morning he wakes up to find the hustler gone. He realizes the hustler broke into the house.


Consenting Adult is a 1985 gay themed TV movie. Jeff Lynd is a young man attending college in Seattle. He is majoring in pre-medicine. His family lives about an hour away. His dad Ken Lynd has just been discharged from hospital after suffering a stroke. Jeff could not make it to the homecoming party due to school commitments but he calls.
Jeff writes a letter to his mother Tess Lynd explaining that he has something to talk about. He goes further to write that he cannot put it off any longer. He asks the mother to call him. Tess calls and they agree to meet next day at lunch. Jeff hesitates but goes ahead to say "mom, I am a homosexual". He goes on to say how he has fought against it for long. He also says that he has never had sex with anyone yet. Tess is shocked but she insists they will get help. She cries on her way back home.
Tess goes to Dr. Mark Waldo to explain Jeff's situation. She blames herself that she might have been overprotective of Jeff thus causing his homosexuality. Dr. Mark explains that there is no conclusive cure for homosexuality he knows for sure and that he cannot make any promises on recovery. He refers Tess to a psychiatrist who is known to treat homosexuality. Meanwhile Tess frequents the library to read all she can about homosexuality.
Tess goes to see the psychiatrist who claims he has turned 25% of his patients from homosexual to heterosexual. He asks Tess about Jeff's history. He then asks Tess not to come anymore as Jeff might feel as if he is being reported on.
Back at home Ken Lynd can tell Tess is not herself. He insists on knowing. Tess explains to him that their son Jeff thinks he might be gay. Ken is shocked and says that if it is true it will remain true. He goes off to lock himself in the room and sobs.
Jeff goes for his appointment with the psychiatrist. Jeff talks about his life of denial and his struggle with homosexuality. The psychiatrist insists he can turn him straight if he is willing to work with him.
Jeff's sister Margie eventually tells her mother Tess that she is pregnant. Tess and Ken are excited but Jeff's homosexuality still occupies a big part of their thoughts negatively.
Tess plans to have dinner with both Ken and Jeff to discuss the gay issue. Jeff comes home but dad cancels his attendance claiming he has a big deal selling cars that might go for hours. Jeff and Tess know he is avoiding. At dinner Jeff tells mom how he has no feelings for girls even when they touch or kiss him. He talsk of this guy in his swimming team who he is totally attracted to and dreams of.
At home Ken and Tess get into an argument when she insists he is avoiding his son. Ken insists he cannot handle seeing him. He says how hard it is for a man to find out his only son is queer. The argument gets heated with dad saying homosexuality is unnatural.
Jeff is one of the best swimmers in the college team. Ken refuses to attend a match and opts to listen to it on radio. Margie and his husband Nate who are in attendance ask Tess why Ken missed it. They can tell something is off. Tess refuses to tell them the truth.
Ken talks to Tess about a gay man who worked for him but later committed suicide. He goes on to talk about AIDS among gay men and the idea of never having children. Jeff comes over for Christmas and his dad only says hey. Tess organizes for a girl next door named Sue to have a date with Jeff during new year eve party. Sue has always had a crush of Jeff. She makes her approach on Jeff and kisses him. Jeff is however unresponsive to her advances. Jeff later tells Tess that the date flopped. He tells Tess that he is not sick with a disease and that the therapy is only meant to brainwash him to be what he is not. Ken finds Jeff as he is arguing with Tess and he also gets into the argument about the morality of homosexuality. Jeff storms off upset after Ken declares he will not waste any more money on him.
Jeff goes to his sister Margie's house. He explains to her and Nate that he is gay. They encourage him saying he can even move in. They also tell him it is nobody's business who he is. Margie later confronts Tess to accept Jeff for who he is.
In college Jeff's roommate finds out about his homosexuality. He is shocked and throws a tantrum asking Jeff to leave. Jeff leaves and goes to stay with Stewart his boyfriend who is also majoring in pre-medicine.
Tess gets Ken a watch for his birthday. Ken shows him a letter he has been writing to give Jeff but yet to finalize.
Ken later passes away. Tess hands over the letter to Jeff. In the letter Ken apologizes and insists he is not ready to leave his son. Tess later comes to terms with Jeff's lifestyle fearing she will loose time with him as Ken did. She calls Jeff for Christmas and asks him to bring Stewart his gay boyfriend along.  


Boys Grammar is a gay short movie about a gay boy named Gareth. Gareth is a swimmer. Other boy swimmers know that he is gay and keep hurling derogatory anti gay remarks at him. One day in the showers one of the boys named Nick finds Gareth's book with images of male models in swimming gear. He tries to take the book from Nick but is overwhelmed. He explains he has the pictures because he likes the human form. The other boys come over and drag Gareth into the shower and strip him. They then use an object to sodomize him.
Back at home Gareth insists to his dad on being transferred from the school. The dad insists that what does not kill you makes you stronger. Gareth's brother comes over for dinner with Nick the same boy that was involved in the shower incident. Gareth gets upset and jumps on Nick hitting him to the surprise of his father and brother.


All Over Brazil is a 2008 short gay movie about Stephen an effeminate boy. Stephen's father is a football fanatic. He expects his son to be the same. Stephen is however more interested in artistic things. While his dad is watching a football game with a friend Stephen sneaks into his sister's room. He puts on her boots and makeup. He turns on the music and begins dancing with a scurf over his shoulders. The dad comes up looking for him when the game is over. Stephen attempts to hide but his dad finds him in makeup and his sister's clothing. He forces him into the bathroom to remove the makeup then forces him out of the house. Outside the house is a group of boys who see Stephen in the boots. They hurl anti gay slurs then beat him up. Stephen later insists on going for a concert with the sister and her girlfriends while dad expects him to watch football. Stephen attends the concert despite his dad opposing it.