This is a 2009 gay short film about Saleem a student at University of Leeds. Saleem goes cruising for gay sex in the city after leaving classes. He uses a map to find his way around as he is new there and of Asian descent probably India. He spots a man looking at him in the dark. He hesitates but follows him anyway. In a secluded street corner the stranger begins his sexual advance but Saleem is still hesitant. He pulls Saleem's pants down and begins kissing him on the stomach. Saleem runs off scared. The stranger realizes Saleem left his bag and chases after him with it. He catches up with him and tries to ask him his name. Saleem shrugs him off. He however manages to write his contacts on a piece of paper and introduce himself as Daz. Saleem takes the paper and runs off home. Saleem however returns to Daz's apartments where he is let into the room. He asks Daz to kiss him but he still hesitates with fear. Daz slowly orientates him to his sexual advances and eventually Saleem gets comfortable. Daz penetrates Saleem as they have sex. Saleem later sleeps off and Daz finds his wallet which has cash and an international student identification card showing his name as Saleem Al-Hamed. Daz is very glad to know his name and begins caressing him as he calls the name. In the morning Saleem is scared he slept off and is in a hurry. He tells Daz that it won't work. Daz insists he wants to see him again. Saleem runs off the building even though he stops to look up at Daz as he leaves. Daz is happy he did look back.