The Mountain King is a 2000 gay short movie. A man is by the beach reading a novel. Out of nowhere another man comes and seats next to him and offers a cigarette. He refuses. The stranger removes his clothes and runs into the sea saying he does not know how to swim. He stops reading the novel when he notices he cannot see him in the water. He goes into the sea to save him but he finds out it was a prank to get him into the water. The stranger takes him to a beach house which he claims belongs to a friend. They begin talking and the stranger says he is a gay prostitute. He says he started hustling at 16 years. He wants to leave the beach house claiming he is staying with a girl friend at the ocean park. The hustler seduces him and they end up having sex. He asks him for 40 bucks afterwards as payment. He is shocked but gives it to him. He goes and buys cocaine which they both later take. The dance high then jump into the swimming pool. He asks the gay hustler for more sex. The hustler asks him to give another 40 bucks but he says he has only five left. The hustler complains he feels sore from the previous penetration. He offers for the hustler to penetrate him. In the morning he wakes up to find the hustler gone. He realizes the hustler broke into the house.