This is episode 5 of season 4 in the TV Series CBS Schoolbreak Special which aired on 31 March 1987. This gay episode is about Todd who is a high school student and the captain of the soccer team. Kirk finds Todd with a magazine containing pictures of men with no clothes on. Kirk and Allen laugh about it but Todd is upset of the discovery. Todd becomes insecure and begins behaving awkward even towards his girlfriend Debra. Kirk later discovers that Todd is gay and that is why he has been uncomfortable since Kirk and Allen saw the magazine. He confronts it about it and asks him to stay off. Allen goes to talk to Todd who is now depressed because news of his homosexuality have gone round the school. Todd comes out to Allen accepting that he is gay but does not know how to handle it. Mr. Powell a biology teachers offers to talk to him after seeing the teasing he is going through in school. Debra confronts him on why he dated her whilst he knew he was gay. He answers he wanted to be normal. Todd asks his father if he ever knew a homosexual. His father answers the very first was in high school who had to transfer because of mistreatment by other students. Todd however does not tell his dad why he asked. Todd talks to Mr. Powell about his feelings. Mr. Powell advises him to see a psychologist who can help him deal with his emotions. Todd also confronts his childhood friend Kirk about alienating him because he is now gay. He tells Kirk that being gay is not a disease. Todd later remembers some advice from Allen which says "you can't be happy if you can't be yourself".