A Silent Truth is a 2012 short gay movie about Ian Foster. Ian is celebrating his 14th birthday. His mother has organized a party where his friends and her friends are present. Jason and Tonya have come with their gay son Tyler. Ian's mother is shocked they would be okay with their son being a homosexual. Ian's mother hopes his son's relationship with a girl named Jessica will later in life lead to marriage. Ian's two friends are homophobic and like making fun of gay boys. Ian is secretly gay and cries alone in the bathroom about it. He also writes a story about his plight. One day he asks his mother for permission to go meet Jessica and Tyler. His mother asks him to keep a safe distance from Tyler because he is queer. She insists God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. He meets them and after chatting they take Tyler to the pride center. At the pride center Ian implies that God does not like gay people. A woman there is upset and explains it all to him. Jessica leaves Tyler and Ian together as she heads home. Ian asks Tyler about how he deals with being openly gay. Tyler explains the picking on in school, discrimination and acceptance. They part ways and Ian comes across his straight homophobic friends. They tell him that they have spotted him entering the gay pride offices and walking with Tyler. They beat him up and say they will tell everybody that he is gay. Ian's small brother sees and hears everything. Ian asks him to keep quiet about it. Ian is depressed and refuses to talk to his mother about it. He meets Jessica and explains that he is gay. He explains what happened. He says how he prayed to God to turn him straight but it was all in vain. He is afraid of what his mother will think of him as a homosexual. Ian writes a letter meant for his mother. It however drops at the table and she reads it. In the letter Ian explains his homosexuality. Her mother is upset and even asks him to leave the house. Ian overhears her saying it would have been better if he were not born. Ian takes an overdose of pills to commit suicide. He is rushed to hospital and saved. They later bond with his mother who has by now accepted his homosexuality. He attends counselling and continues with life a happier gay boy.