Body Without Soul is a 1996 gay documentary about underage male prostitutes in Prague. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and notorious for its prostitution. This documentary looks into the life on gay teenage prostitutes in Prague. Most of the boys talk about desperation due to being orphaned and poverty which led them into prostitution. Some of the boys were not homosexuals but the opportunity for money presented itself through homosexuality and they took it. Some were only 12 years old when they were picked by gay men from places such as the main train station and lured into sex with money. The most popular pickup spots by gay men are Podolf swimming pool, video arcades, train stations and discos. Video arcades are popular with gay men looking for very young boys. According to the prostitutes most gay Germans who come  to Prague prefer very young boys and will pay much more to get them. They also prefer unprotected anal sex. The male prostitutes will complain about unprotected sex but it is usually to get a higher bargain rather than the fear of AIDS. The boys have also been lured into acting gay films. They are usually promised a lot of money to act the films but some producers end up exploiting them. Most of the films end up in Germany and so they have to act them without using condoms for protection. Most insist on wearing condoms but the producers never accept because their content will not be bought in Germany. Some have been infected with AIDS from this business. One talks about how he tested positive as he lies on his bed. The boys say they are selling their bodies and souls to survive day by day.