Breakfast With Scot is a 2007 gay movie about a gay couple who adopt a flamboyant boy. Eric MacNally is a former professional ice hockey player. After an injury he retired from the sport and is now a sports anchor on television. His boyfriend Sam is a lawyer. Sam comes to Eric's office to inform him that Julie died. Julie is Sam's brother former lover. Julie has left behind a son. In her will she says that the son should be left in the care of Billy, Sam's brother. Billy is however in Brazil. Child Services decide to leave the son in the custody of Sam and Eric. Eric is against the idea but Sam convinces him it will be only for a few weeks until Billy comes to take him
Sam comes with the kid to their house. His name is Scot Latour. Scot is very feminine and flamboyant. He is even wearing some of his late mother's jewelry. He also likes to sing Christmas chorals alone. The next day he gets into a fight with a neighborhood kid after trying to kiss him. At his new school he is very emotional and just as flamboyant. Most of the kids in school think he is gay and call him names such as freak. He gets two best friends Carla a girl and Joey Morita an effeminate boy.
Eric is concerned with Scot wearing full makeup even in school. He locks it away. He also teaches him how to fight and puts him in the ice hockey team. This whole time Billy keeps insisting he will be coming soon. Eric and Sam grow attached to Scot despite their worries that he is gay.
Just before Christmas Billy shows up to take Scot. Sam knows he also came because there is insurance money he will get for adopting Scot. Billy is however careless and might not be sensitive to the needs of a child such as Scot. Scot is even afraid Billy might think he is a sissy. Eric and Sam plan a big fat Christmas party to send Scot off even though they are sad to loose him. On that day Scot tells Billy that he does not want to leave with him. Billy had come with a woman named Mia claiming she will be Scot's new mom. Sam is upset by Billy's action. Billy is convinced by Mia to let Scot stay with the gay couple and he obliges. Everyone is delighted.