Doing Time On Maple Drive is a 1992 gay movie about Matt Carter. Matt is a young man who has been very successful in his education and has even made it to Yale. His family is very proud of him. He also plans to marry Allison a young lady from a rich family. He met her at Yale.
Lisa and Phil Carter are Matt's parents. They are excited as Matt is coming with Allison home. They are already engaged and preparing for a wedding. The whole family is there to welcome them including Matt's siblings Tim and Karen. Allison learns about the family during her stay. She also sees Matt's history from video tapes and photographs. She has always been suspicious of Matt's sexuality. She gets curious when she watches a video of Kyle one of Matt's past friends. Kyle talks too passionately about Matt. She later comes across a letter from Kyle to Matt and it confirms her suspicions that Matt is gay. She wakes up early to tell Matt that she cannot continue with the engagement because he is gay. Matt pleads with her but she leaves.
Matt lies to his family about why Allison left early. He even goes ahead to attend his bachelor party. He is however distressed. He deliberately drives his car into a tree on his way from the party probably in an attempt to commit suicide. He however survives with light injuries and lies to the family that it was an accident. While in the hospital bed Kyle brings him flowers. Lisa sees him as he leaves. She once caught Kyle and Matt in a compromising state years before. She sees the flowers from Kyle and runs off but keeps quiet.
Lisa finds a letter from Allison in the house to Matt implying she has abandoned the wedding plans. Lisa confronts Matt in front of  the whole family. Matt is upset and admits he is gay insisting the mother has always known. Lisa cannot bear the fact that Matt is gay. His father Phil takes is hard but much better. He asks Matt to promise never to attempt suicide. He also tries to give him some advice on being gay and tells him that Alexander the great was a good General who was also a homosexual.