It's My Party is a 1996 gay movie about the last few days of a gay man dying from AIDS. Brandon Theis and Nick Stark are two gay men in a romantic relationship. They have lived together for 8 years. Nick is an architect while Brandon is a film director. One day Nick goes to Dr. Dave for a checkup because of a persistent flu. He tests positive for HIV. He gives Brandon the news. Brandon gets tested and results come back negative for HIV. They are a discordant gay couple. Brandon and Nick begin to have social misunderstandings in the house. Brandon eventually asks Nick to move out. Nick moves out. He begins to have a problem of dropping things accidentally and forgetfulness. He visits Dr. Dave and a scan reveals he has Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy in short called PML. PML usually affects people with suppressed immune systems such as AIDS patients. PML progresses quickly and Nick has a short time before he looses all his memory. Nick organizes a party to bid farewell to everyone. He plans to commit suicide before he can turn into a vegetable and die a long agonizing death. His mother Amalia shows up. She is upset when Nick explains nothing can be done as it is the same disease their gay friend Jim died from. Brandon is convinced to go see Nick. On his way there he remembers their friend Joe who had AIDS with Kaposi Sarcoma lesions all over his body. They helped him take pills to die but when the pills didn't kill him they had to do it physically. Nick has only around 4 days before he looses his memory and becomes dysfunctional. Brandon shows up and everybody is upset because they had a bitter break up with Nick. Paul who is Nick's father also shows up upsetting Amalia who they broke up years before. Brandon talks to Nick but it is a tense speech. He later that night drives off upset. Next day Nick's eyesight is getting worse. He can barely see anything. Loss of sight is one of the symptoms of PML. Brandon comes over. They go with Nick to a house. It is the last one he ever designed. There they talk about their life and breakup. At night Nick walks Brandon to some horses they owned. Brandon thought he had sold them. Nick later takes his suicide pills in front of Brandon and Tony his caretaker. He chats with Brandon and they kiss. He also talks a little with his mother asking her to quit smoking. He later dozes off and Brandon carries him to bed. He dies there.