J. Edgar is a 2011 film about the personal and professional life of John Edgar Hoover the first director of the Federal Bureau Of Investigations who is rumored to have been a closeted gay man. Edgar was obsessed with order since he was young. He had helped organize the library of congress so that books were easier and quicker to find. He had no particular interest in women and lived with his mother.
While working for the Bureau of Investigations he helped arrest and deport communist radicals in USA. He was appointed director of the BOI at a young age. Edgar had no social life. A graduate from his college named Clyde Tolson shows an interest in the job. Edgar is infatuated with him. He also has no interest in women and is very refined. Edgar appoints him his personal assistant.
Edgar manages to centralize all fingerprints from local authorities through lobbying in congress. He also opens the first laboratory to aid in investigations and evidence. He manages to lobby lawmakers pass a law making kidnapping a federal crime after the Lindbergh kidnapping case. He receives some inspiration from his mother especially about his insecurities around women.
Edgar's relationship with Tolson grows. Edgar makes him his overall assistant director at the FBI. One day Edgar tells Tolson about plans to marry a woman. Tolson is upset. He relationship with Edgar is too close for two men and is seen to be of a homosexual nature. Edgar goes with Tolson almost everywhere even dinner. Their friendship thrives as they grow the FBI into a big and respected organization.
When John Edgar Hoover died on May 2 1972, Clyde Tolson resigned from the FBI soon later and inherited his estate. It is believed that Edgar and Tolson were gay lovers. Their graves are near each other at the congressional cemetery.