Late Summer is a 2001 short gay movie. Adam is a photographer with his own gallery. A guest to the gallery asks if he can buy a mounted photo but Adam says it is of his cousin Josh and not on sale. Adam remembers the summer he spent with Josh and when he took that photograph.
Adam had just lost his father and his mother Isabelle sends him to spend summer with cousin Josh. Josh lives with his mother and father. Josh shows Adam around including his secret hiding place. He also teaches Adam how to smoke. Adam is somehow sexually attracted to Josh. One day he comes across him having sex with his girlfriend in the bush. Josh sees him looking on and winks. Adam is not happy to see Josh with his girlfriend Marianne. Adam is probably gay and would rather see Josh with no girl. One night Josh takes Adam swimming in a nearby water body. Adam leaves the water hiding his genitals. He has an erection probably because of seeing Josh bare. One day Josh is skating and shows Adam how to use his camera and take photographs. He also gets a board and begins teaching Adam how to skate with it. They skate together. Josh poses while skating for Adam to take a photo shot of him. He gets hit by a car just after Adam has taken the shot. He dies.