Mandragora is a 1997 gay movie about a 15 year old Czech boy named Marek Nadela. Marek lives with his father in Prerov a district of the Czech Republic. One day Marek comes home and his father confronts him about not attending school for a whole month. He tells him to attend school next day or else he should not come back home.
Marek runs away to the capital city Prague. There he uses up his money gambling. A pimp approaches him at the train station but he refuses to go with him. He looses all his money in the casino and is robbed off his jacket and shoes. He goes to the pimp for help. The pimp introduces himself as Honza. Honza takes Marek to Franta's house who is a gay man. There they call him a little rabbit even though Marek is too naive to understand why. Honza drugs Marek's drink and he dozes off. Franta penetrates him as he is unconscious. He wakes up in pain to find Franta on top raping him. All the money Franta gives Marek is taken by Honza.
Honza takes him to a club renown for gay prostitutes. Gay boys hustling there beat him up. He is spotted by one of the boys named David. David introduces himself to Marek and they soon become great friends. David teaches Marek the art of gay hustling and stealing. They manage to make a lot of money which David decides they invest in becoming partners at a gay brothel. David becomes a pimp for the brothel because of his partnership. He pimps off Marek to a client who almost kills him to due to sadistic sexual practices.
David and Marek are heterosexual. They prefer to pick up female prostitutes for sex. They are only gay for pay.
After a disagreement with the brothel owner they reach a deal to steal from a rich American. The rich American is called Rudy. Rudy is a pedophile and prefers very young boys. David and Marek go with Rudy to his house then drug his drink. As Rudy looses consciousness they rob him of all his belongings including in the house.
David runs off with Marek. David drives to his hometown with gifts for his family. Once there he gets cold feet and hangs them on their door. That was his father's 45th birthday. They later go to a club in the town at night. David meets his former girlfriend Nancy. She is upset David never writes. Some men in the bar identify David and Marek as gay prostitutes from Prague and beat them up. Nancy is upset to learn David is a homosexual.
David and Marek rob an woman off her bag in the cemetery. They use what they find to take a train back to Prague. Meanwhile Marek's father is asking police to find him. He has been called to the station because Marek is wanted.
They arrive in Prague but are not welcome. Honza who is now out has them beaten up and arrested. They are broke when they get out. A pimp named Libor takes them to a gay film producer. The producer's name is Krysa. He forces them into sexual acts without protection. David is also later pimped out to Ruby without his knowledge. Ruby penetrates his anus with a pool stick then calls police to arrest him for the robbery.
Marek is depressed by David's absence. He seeks comfort from hard drugs. He is informed the prison doctor found David was HIV positive and has AIDS.
Marek's father comes to Prague to find him. Marek is an intravenous drug user by now. He is in a bad state and father cannot find him. He is once arrested. While in custody he gives police a tip about Krysa's gay sex film business. Krysa's house is raided by police and they are all arrested. Marek goes into Krysa's house and steals drugs. He goes to a public toilet and injects himself to the point of death. His father goes back home upset having not found the son.