Savage Nights is a 1992 gay themed film with the French title Les Nuits Fauves. Jean is a camera man. He is gay and promiscuous. He goes to cruise for gay sex under bridges in Paris. Jean is also HIV positive which has already turned to AIDS as he is showing up with Kaposi Sarcoma. Jean has a relationship with a straight young man Samy who is a rugby player. Samy lives with his girlfriend Marianne. During one of their auditions Jean meets 17 year old girl named Laura. He falls in love with her. He lets her know that he also likes boys meaning he is bisexual. Laura has no problem and they quickly fall in love. Jean has sex with Laura without telling her about his HIV status. When he tells her later she is upset but too in love to leave him despite her mother's intervention. She even refuses to use a condom in their consequent sexual encounters. Jean continues to cruise for sex in gay hideouts usually under bridges. He is reckless probably because he knows he is dying. Laura eventually suffers a nervous breakdown after Jean continues to cheat on her. She is hospitalized in a mental institution now that she is also HIV positive. Jean continues with his gay lifestyle even travelling to Brazil now that he knows he is dying.