The 24th day is a 2004 gay themed movie about two men Tom and Dan. Tom and Dan meet at a bar in the city. Dan is gay and Tom accepts they go over to his apartment. While at the apartment Dan makes a move on Tom who quickly turns away. Tom begins to ask Dan how many men he has been with. Dan cannot seem to accurately remember. Tom insists he can remember all his sex encounters.
Dan later remembers that he has been to the same house after seeing a broken frog toy. Tom begins asking Dan about that night 5 years before when they were at the same apartment having sex. Dan seems not to remember much whilst Tom remembers each detail. He is very angry Dan does not remember most details. He asks Dan if he is safe. Dan insists he is even though he cannot remember if he used the condom that day five years before.
Dan notices Tom is weird and up to no good. He insists on leaving but the door is locked. He asks for the keys but they do not belong to the door. Tom wrestles him to the ground, handcuffs him. He then ties him to a chair and draws blood from him with a needle and syringe. Tom takes the blood to a lab for testing. He insists Dan infected him with HIV that day five years before. He says he will release him if the tests come back negative for HIV.
Tom had gone for a HIV test 24 days before and it had come out positive. He had also done another one to confirm. His wife got swollen lymph nodes and night sweats including loss of weight. She went to the hospital for tests and she was told it was AIDS. She jumped a red light and died in an ensuing car accident. Now Tom blames himself for giving her HIV. She was only 27 years old.
As they wait for the results they have several tense moments in the house as they talk about their past. Tom tells Dan that he will cut his throat and let him bleed to death if the tests come back positive. At the same time Dan realizes Tom has been following him for some time when he talks about a Blondie he has been meeting. Tom also says he is straight and the only gay man he has been with is Dan. They get into heated arguments when Dan insists he could have got HIV from a heterosexual encounter with women and not only homosexuals have HIV. Tom tapes his mouth.
The tests come out eventually. Tom releases Dan. Dan is happy because he thinks the tests must have come back negative. As he leaves at the door Tom informs him the results came back positive. Dan is shocked and asks Tom angrily to stop tormenting him. He picks the results from the table to check for himself and is shocked.