Heartbeats is a 2010 gay themed movie about two people of the opposite sex who fall for the same man. Francis and Marie are long time friends. Francis is gay. They meet a young man named Nicolas at a party. They both harbor intimate feelings for Nicolas albeit secretly. They both begin interacting with Nicolas more often over a course of several weeks. They both fall in love with him and begin competing for his affection. Non of them however makes his feelings known to Nicolas. Marie and Francis begin to fight over Nicolas and their friendship goes adrift. Nicolas gets fed up by their jealousy and leaves their company. Francis later approaches Nicolas and eventually lets him know the homosexual feelings he has towards him. Nicolas is shocked and asks Francis how he could think that he was gay. Francis is heartbroken. Marie also approaches him later to talk about a love letter he had sent him but Nicolas treats her with dismiss. Marie and Francis decide to mend their friendship and not to let Nicolas come in between them. They begin to ignore him even in public.


The Graffiti Artist is a 2004 gay film about a love affair on the streets between two male artists. Nick is a young gay man who spends his time spraying graffiti on abandoned buildings in Portland. He is a loner until he meets another graffiti artist like him called Jesse. The two become good friends which later becomes an intimate homosexual affair. Jesse is not comfortable with the homosexual incident and runs off leaving Nick back in the streets homeless.


C.R.A.Z.Y. is a 2005 gay movie about a young boy later man struggling with his homosexuality. Zac is the fourth born in a family of five sons. Zac is special to his mother especially considering he was born on Christmas day. Zac's father is a macho man who wants to see his boys grow up to be masculine and tough. His relationship with Zac changes when he sees him in his mother's clothing. Zac later begins a relationship with a girl named Michelle and his father is happy that he is not gay. He however spots Zac with another man. He orders Zac to attend therapy to cure him from homosexuality. Zac's relationship with Michelle grows until during a brother's wedding when he is accused of kissing another man. His father asks him to leave. Zac only comes back after his brother dies from a drug overdose. It dawns on his father that life is limited and he makes up with Zac.


Lucky Blue is a 2007 short gay movie about two boys from different backgrounds who meet over summer and fall in love. Olle is a quiet boy who has been camping on the same spot for several years with his dad over summer. Barbro always joins them. One summer Barbro comes over with her nephew Kevin. Kevin is an outgoing city boy with a pet bird named Lucky Blue. Olle is preparing a karaoke stand and they get to catch up with Kevin who helps out. One night while drunk Kevin kisses Olle. Kevin is however in denial of his homosexuality and next day he prefers not to talk about it. He avoids Olle who has already developed gay feelings for him. On the night of the karaoke and dance Kevin gets drunk and goes to seduce Olle again. They kiss. Olle goes and sings a love song at the karaoke probably dedicated to Kevin. Kevin decides to stay with Olle for the summer.


Howl is a 2010 gay film about Allen Ginsberg who was one of the greatest poets of the 20th century. Allen was gay and struggled with homosexuality given the laws and acceptance at the time. He first came out as gay to Jack who he met in college. His love for Jack made him to begin writing poems. The poems were later published into a book called Howl. Some people saw the book as promoting homosexuality and lacking literal value. A case was lodged in the court accusing the publisher of selling obscene material. The judge finds that although the book might be vulgar the words are important for the context of the poem. He finds the defendant not guilty of obscenity. Allen's biggest fear was his dad reading the poems and what he would think about them. Allen later embraced his homosexuality after years of denial and mental illness. He lived the rest of his life with his gay partner Peter.


This is a 2004 short gay themed comedy with sexual innuendos. Billy is a school going boy who has to write an essay for the upcoming career day in school. He is not sure if he wants to be a policeman or cowboy when he grows up. His father who is a lead supervisor in a local candy factory tries to explain his work to Billy. The explanation alludes to the fact that Billy's dad is a fudge packer in the factory. Fudge packer in modern slang means a man who has anal sex with another. It is usually meant to be derogatory to gay men. The film also shows the generosity a neighborhood lady has towards Billy's mother. It alludes that the woman is a lesbian who engages in homosexual acts with neighborhood housewives.


Jet Boy is a 2001 gay themed film about the relationship between an undercover police detective and a 12 year old homeless boy. Nathan is a 12 year old gay boy who lives with his drug addict mother. Nathan has to prostitute himself through a pimp called Jordan to get money for their upkeep. He also buys his mother her drugs with money from his gay prostitution. One day Nathan's mother takes an overdose and dies.
Nathan runs off to escape child services. He meets an undercover police officer who wants help in bursting a drug dealer. Nathan refuses to give him the number he wants until he takes him to Vancouver to see his father. The two get acquainted with each other well. Boon Palmer the cop stops over his hometown to see his ailing father. Boon also meets a former girlfriend named Schuyler and they end up staying longer. Nathan develops a friendship with Lloyd the son to Schuyler. Lloyd is gay and makes a move at Nathan who rejects it because of memories of gay men he has slept with. Nathan also has a crush on Boon who he thinks is a drug dealer. Nathan tries to make sexual advances on Boon several times. He gets jealous of Boon's relationship with the lady and runs off. Boon if forced to leave for the drug burst without him.
During the drug burst Boon spots Nathan prostituting himself on a street. He manages to see the vehicle he goes with. Nathan goes to a hotel with an old man who wants to have sex. Nathan is hesitant and locks himself in the bathroom to his client's dismay. Boon spots the car during the burst and goes in to save Nathan. The burst happens as they are outside the hotel leaving when police cars surround them. Nathan is surprised to know Boon is an undercover cop. Boon heads back to Schuyler's house with Nathan probably to settle down and give the boy a better life. Nathan has never known who his biological father is. He once asked the mother who answered that she does not know.


Dream Boy is a 2008 gay movie about two teenage boys who fall in love amidst the tragic life of one of them. Nathan Davies is a 15 year old boy who has just moved in with his parents in a rural area called St. Francesville. He begins to attend St. Patrick Parish School. The school bus driver is a kid next door a year older than Nathan called Roy. Roy also attends the same school and they become friends with Nathan.
Roy asks Nathan to help him with his English homework. They soon begin hanging out more regularly. Nathan makes a homosexual move on Roy. Roy hesitates but agrees and they soon begin a gay sexual affair. Roy begins inviting Nathan to go out with his friends Burke and Randy. Nathan's dad is not comfortable with his absence in the house due to Roy's company. His mother is more willing to let him make friends. One day he comes back late and his father confronts him. That night his father tries to come into his bed but he runs out of the house to lie in the woods. It is revealed his father has been sexually abusing him and the mother seems to know.
Nathan continues to stay outside to avoid his father. Roy gets him a place in their compound to sleep. Roy invites him to go camping with Burke and Randy in the woods. While in the woods Nathan and Roy make love in their tent. Nathan gives Roy oral sex which the latter also does. Next day they go into an abandoned building in the woods at night. It is rumored to be haunted. Nathan sees ghosts of his father calling and touching him. He feels as if he has been in that house before. His father might have sexually abused him while he was a little boy in the same house. Roy takes him into a room and goes on his knees to give him oral sex. Randy and Burke catch them in the act and are shocked. Roy goes off upset. Burke later comes and hits Nathan unconscious and takes him upstairs. Burke rapes Nathan then hits him on the head after that. Nathan dies. Roy is depressed by the loss of his lover.


Eden is a 2014 short gay movie about a government facility called Eden Institute where gay people are incarcerated and treated to cure them from homosexuality. They are given pills and electroconvulsive therapy. Two young patients in the facility are gay lovers. They promise each other not to get cured so that they can continue to love each other. They also plan to escape. A nurse aides one of them to escape. One manages but the other is shot and injured in the attempt. They later experience a new life outside the facility.


Johns is a 1996 gay movie which tells the plight of John a gay prostitute at Santa Monica Boulevard. It is Christmas eve and John's birthday is next day on Christmas. He is turning 21 and plans to make the day special by sleeping in a posh hotel named Park Plaza. His shoes are however stolen while asleep outdoors. His money was in the shoes. He also sold drugs for a dealer and kept the 300$. The dealer named Jimmy the Warlock is looking for him to recover the cash.
John's friend Donner is also a younger gay prostitute new to the streets. He was chased away from home by his dad after he came out. His dad is a doctor and will not allow him back as long as he is gay. He tries to help John out. He gets a deal from an uncle for them to work as lifeguards in an establishment he manages in Branson, Missouri. He also hustles and pays off John's debt to Jimmy the Warlock. They plan to save up for the bus tickets and travel expenses. John goes out of his way to raise the cash including blackmailing and stealing from his clients.
On the night before they travel John hands over his money to Donner and goes off with a client. John is excited this will be his last prostitution job ever. They get to the house and he dances then gives the man oral sex. The man calls himself John and is a stammerer. He is in denial about his sexual orientation. He confronts John in the bathroom with guilt after the oral sex saying he is not a faggot. He beats John up. Donner goes looking for John when he fails to show up. He finds his bloody lifeless body in the guest house bathroom. He laments revealing that he even stole John's shoes initially to try and save his life. Donner leaves for Missouri alone wearing John's shoes.


Fighting Tommy Riley is a 2004 gay themed movie about the relationship between a boxer and his gay trainer. Marty Goldberg is a former marine corps boxer. He is now a high school teacher. He runs a boxing business with a lady named Diane. Marty suffers from anxiety, insomnia and depression. He is on pills to manage these conditions.
Diane takes Marty to a gym to scout for boxing talent. He identifies Tommy Riley a young boxer who has almost quit on his life. Tommy previously trained with his step father and even participated in the Olympic trials. Tommy was not in good terms with him and was kicked out after losing. He now lives in depression. His relationship with Stephanie is also rocky.
Marty begins to train him. Marty and Tommy grow very close to each other. Marty takes Tommy to his cabin in the woods to train for an upcoming boxing match. The training goes on smoothly and they continue to bond more closely. This changes one day as Marty is giving Tommy a sports massage after training. Marty gets carried away by his homosexual feelings towards Tommy and touches him inappropriately. Tommy is shocked and questions Marty about it. Marty apologizes and Tommy decides to dismiss it as an accident.
Tommy goes ahead to win the boxing match under Marty's training. He gets a 1 million dollar deal with a renown agent. He refuses to take it insisting he cannot leave Marty. The agent reminds Tommy that Marty is not fit partly because of his reputation as a homosexual. Marty intentionally injured his hand after he was threatened with exposure for being gay. He used this as an excuse to quit boxing and escape the homophobic humiliation that might have followed. He has been struggling with his homosexuality and that past ever since. Marty tries to convince Tommy to take up the deal. He gets into a fight with Tommy who later comes back to apologize even offering himself for sex to Marty. Marty is upset by this and chases Tommy away. Marty later commits suicide by taking an overdose of his medication pills. Tommy is upset and depressed by Marty's death. He takes up the deal Marty had pleaded with him to accept.


Something For Everyone is a 1970 film revolving around the schemes of a young bisexual man. Konrad is a handsome young man looking for work in a new place. He plans to make it big and begins to scheme his way up the social ladder.
He tricks his way to become the chauffeur of the Pleschke's who are a rich family. Their daughter Anneliesse has a crush on him. Konrad begins an intimate relationship with her secretly. Using his earnings he gets a footman named Rudolph drunk and then pushes him onto an oncoming train killing him on the spot. It looks like an accident. Rudolph was the footman to the Ornstein's a renown and respected family. He manages to take Rudolph's place as the new footman. Countess Herthe is a widow whose fortunes have dwindled. Her son Helmuth is gay and has a crush on Konrad. The daughter Lotte is weird but very intelligent.
Konrad plays his tricks and is eventually in charge of the whole household. He continues his affair with Anneliesse Pleschke and the homosexual affair with Helmuth. He proposes to Countess Herthe a plan to get Anneliesse and Helmuth married so that they can benefit from the Pleschke's great wealth. They go ahead with the plan even though Helmuth is very uncomfortable because he is gay. The much needed money comes in but the relationship between Helmuth and Anneliesse cannot be. Anneliesse catches Helmuth and Konrad kissing. She breaks down as Konrad is driving her together with the parents. He intentionally crushes the car killing them all. All the fortunes as per the will remain with the Ornstein's.
Countess Herthe is very glad for Konrad's help. She begins to sleep with him and eventually asks him to marry her. Helmuth is upset because of their gay affair. Lotte however knows all of Konrad's schemes and how he executed them. She blackmails him into marrying her against everybody's interests.


We Are Animals is a 2013 short gay film about extreme government measures to control the spread of AIDS within homosexual populations. A CDC study reveals homosexual lifestyle has triggered an epidemic among gay men. The government is using drugs to suppress sex libido among gay men and also castrating them. This is meant to protect the healthy heterosexual population.
A radical gay organization called Pink Panther is sabotaging this extreme government measures. It has managed to free gay men incarcerated in government facilities. The government plans to come up with a policy to eliminate the homosexual problem once and for all. It will be the final solution.


Toast is a 2010 film which is an autobiography of Nigel Slater a once famous British food writer and TV personality who is also gay. The story in the movie is based on his childhood memories.
Nigel is 9 years old. His mother suffers from Asthma and his dad a factory owner has a temper. Nigel hates his mother's cooking. He wishes they could at least buy fresh produce instead of canned. Nigel's mother later dies from the breathing difficulties.
Mrs Potter is hired to assist in the house chores. Nigel does not like her but she is a great cook. In high school Nigel takes up a home economics subject unlike other boys. He begins to cook food and take it home to try and compete with Mrs. Potter who by now is his father's wife. At 16 he begins a part time job cooking at a restaurant where he meets a young man named Stewart. He develops a homosexual crush on Stewart.
Nigel's father dies. He does not want to live with Mrs Potter and so he decides to leave. He goes and seeks a job in a kitchen as a cook. He later grows to be a famous British food writer and TV personality.