2:37 is a 2006 Australian film which follows the lives of 6 high school students struggling with various issues.
Marcus is a geek who dreams of becoming a successful lawyer like his father. His sister Melody likes children and animals and would like to be a teacher. Luke is a popular soccer player in school and also good looking. Sean is gay and struggling with rejection both at home and school. Steven is a withdrawn teenager who has a limp because of a longer leg. He also has a problem controlling his urine due to urethra defects.
Luke has a reputation of a womanizer among his friends. He also prefers anal sex with girls. Luke is however a gay teenager in the closet. He is having a homosexual relationship with Sean even though he participates in teasing him. Sean is upset his parents do not accept his sexual orientation and dismiss it as a phase.
Marcus has been touching his sister Melody sexually since she was 13. He later rapes her. She gets pregnant and they are both now distressed by the consequences. Luke is overheard by Steven kissing and fighting with Sean in the toilet. Sean is confronting Luke for ignoring him in school even though they are having a gay affair. Luke leaves upset and even pushes away his girlfriend Sarah. Eventually at 2:37 P.M a girl named Kelly commits suicide in the toilet by cutting her wrist.